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Macedonian delegation arrived in St. Prohor Pchinski monastery

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  • Rev. Fr. John-Brian Paprock
    Macedonia s Delegation To Visit Prohor Pcinski Monastery Web posted August 01, 2004 High state delegation, led by President Branko Crvenkovski will lay
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2004
      Macedonia's Delegation To Visit "Prohor Pcinski" Monastery
      Web posted August 01, 2004

      High state delegation, led by President Branko Crvenkovski will lay
      flowers at the "Prohor Pcinski" Monastery on August 2, marking the
      60th anniversary of the Antifascist Assembly of the National
      Liberation of Macedonia (ASNOM) First Session.

      Crvenkovski's recent activities brought favorable result, President's
      spokesperson said. The Serbian Orthodox Church Head, Patriarch Pavle
      granted approval for Macedonian delegation to mark the ASNOM jubilee
      at the "Prohor Pcinski" Monastery, he added.

      Afterwards, the state delegation will visit Pelince, where
      Crvenkovski is to open the Memorial Center "ASNOM".

      Source: A1, MIA, Kanal 5, Telma

      Jovan Vranishkovski Greets Branko Crvenkovski in Prohor Pchinski
      Web posted August 02, 2004

      Make other people come to you - use bait if necessary:
      When you force the other person to act, you are in control. It is
      always better to make your opponent come to you, abandoning his own
      plans in the process. Lure him with fabulous gains--then attack. You
      hold the cards.
      - Robert Greene, The 48 Laws of Power

      [St. Prohor Pchinski monastery, August 2, 2004. Photo by MIA. ]

      According to A1 TV, the Macedonian delegation arrived in St. Prohor
      Pchinski monastery without incidents, accompanied by some police,
      army, a few ordinary people from Macedonia and Serbia. Crvenkovski
      was greeted by the Serbian PM Koshtunica, Serbian Orthodox Church
      (SOC) bishops Irinej and Pahomie, but also [the former Macedonian,
      now Serbian bishop] Jovan ["the Schismatic"] Vranishkovski.

      The president didn't pass Jovan by, but shook hands with him too. The
      hosts accompanied Crvenkovski to the monastery fountain, where the
      Macedonian delegation laid wreath for the first time in 14 years to
      the memorial plaque of ASNOM, which supporters of the [Serbian
      radical nationalist leader Vojislav] Sheshelj threw from the
      monastery in the 1990s. [Historically part of Macedonia, the
      monastery was ceded to Serbia by the Macedonian communist regime in
      the 1950s.]

      The hosts showed Crvenkovski around the monastery and he entered the
      place [of the ASNOM assembly hall] where the foundations of
      Macedonian statehood were laid [and during Yugoslav times served as a
      museum], which is now converted into a dining room.

      The statements were mostly on the formal side. Crvenkovski repeated
      that this was done without any forced conditions by the SOC,
      Koshtunicasaid that this act is a step forward to Europe ["as we see
      it"], and Irinej said that he's happy because of the joint
      celebration of Ilinden (the St. Eliah Day).

      "I am happy that our hosts accepted this visits without ultimatums or
      conditioning, in the spirit of friendship and good neighboring
      relations, and I believe that this is something that both the
      citizens of Macedonia and Serbia and Montenegro will remember," said

      "This is a small contribution by Macedonia and Serbia and Montenegro
      to the European integrations. This is the way we practice the
      European integrations, woven with our century-old friendship and
      brotherhood," said Koshtunica.

      "We are glad and would like to not have any _ or misunderstandings
      which would lead to us not being together on this day, on this holy
      ground and in other occasions," said bishop Irinej.

      A joint photo was made also, but both the presidents, and the
      churchmen refused to answer journalists' questions about wether
      Koshtunica and Crvenkovski talked about the conditions laid by the
      Serbian patriarch Pavle, whether ASNOM celebration next year will
      take place in the monastery [instead of the newly-build replacement
      memorial complex in the Macedonian border village of Pelince], and
      why was Jovan included in the reception committee.

      Instead of explanation, Crvenkovski countered the media questions
      with a question of his own: "If we would like to interpret the events
      perversely, then how would you react if the Serbian PM Koshtunica
      would say hallo to the [Macedonian] archbishop Stefan and the bishop
      Kiril, who are defrocked by the SOC?"

      Kanal 5 TV station informed that this act lead to frosty meeting of
      Macedonian Orthodox Church archbishop Stefan at the official
      celebration of ASNOM's 60th anniversary in Pelince, later during the
      day. He and Crvenkovski "barelly laid eyes on each other."

      Telma TV reported that Crvenkovski's speech in Pelince included the
      following line: "It is not, and it should not be, as our main goal,
      Macedonia to remain Macedonian in 10-years time. Our strategic
      priority is Macedonia in 10 years to become European Macedonia. When
      it will become European, it will be mostMacedonian. That's why we
      have to look further than Struga and Veleshta, than Kichevo and
      Oslomej, than Kumanovo and Pelince."

      Here's the short information about the event provided by MIA
      (Macedonian Information Agency):

      Macedonian President Branko Crvenkovski Monday laid flowers in "St.
      Prohor Pcinjski" Monastery regarding the 60th anniversary of ASNOM
      First Session.
      Crvenkovski afterwards met with the delegation of Serbian and
      Montenegro led by Prime Minister Voislav Kostunica.

      Macedonian delegation also comprises Parliament Speaker Ljupco
      Jordanovski, Defence Minister Vlado Buckovski and Macedonian
      Ambassador to Serbia and Montenegro Viktor Dimovski.

      Reinforced police units secure the manifestation, BETA informs.

      Besides PM Kostunica, the delegation of Serbia and Montenegro
      comprises Defence Minister Prvoslav Davinic and Deputy Foreign
      Minister Dusan Crnogorcevic as well.



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