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Support the victims of the Polish underground independence forces

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  • Michał
    Sejm (lower house of the Polish parliament) has recently adopted a law establishing the National Day of Remembrance of the Cursed Soldiers”. March 1 has
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 5, 2011
      Sejm (lower house of the Polish parliament) has recently adopted a law establishing the National Day of Remembrance of "the Cursed Soldiers”. March 1 has become a public holiday, "a tribute to "the Cursed Soldiers” - heroes of the anticommunist uprising who defend the independence of the Polish State, who were fighting for the right to self-determination and achievement democratic aspirations of Polish society, with guns in hands hand were defying Soviet aggression and an imposed with force communist regime”.

      Unfortunately, not all participants in the struggle for independence can be called heroes. A group of soldiers under Capt. Romuald Rajs "Bury" from the Special Action Watch (National Military Fellowship) (Pogotowie Akcji Specjalnej (Narodowe Zjedoczenie Wojskowe)) tragically remains engraved in the memory of Orthodox Belarusians living on the edge of the Bialowieza Forest. At the end of January and February 1946, "Bury" abducting 30 cart drivers (only Orthodox Belarusians), and his division brutally murdered them. Several villages were burned, 52 people, including women and children, lost their lives. The motive were suspected sympathizing and supporting communism.

      A few years ago the Institute of National Remembrance conducted investigation and qualified this as q crime of genocide, but the case was discontinued. Capt. Romuald Rajs which in 1949 carried the death penalty, was in the 90s rehabilitated, and his family received compensation. Families who lost their relatives in the genocide - not.

      In the Parliament there is a draft act on veterans, giving the possibility of such damages. Members of the subcommittee, which deals with the issue, fear that the amendment could mean the expenditure of 400.000.000 z³ ($140.000.000) per year, and there in no money in the budget . For the rehabilitation of soldiers – there is.

      A situation in which the state organizes the National Day of Remembrance of " the Cursed Soldiers ", while not seeking to redress the victims of the rehabilitated commander, I think it is shameful. Judging from the amount of the estimated total compensation, there were more crimes of the Polish underground army. Instead of building another altar of Polish martyrdom there should be a thorough historical discussion on the Polish underground army. How and what will the families of the victims of "Bury" will on March ?

      I sympathize with the families of the victims. I do not agree with the state, which rehabilitates an executioner and for 20 years has not notified victims. From the attitude of the Sejm in the work on amending the Law on Veterans the image of Poland in the world will depend on. So far the whole thing looks like at least indecently.

      Feel free to participate in the action of supporting families of the victims and protest. Convey about your friends, Let 's move consciences of politicians and authorities of the Republic.

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