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Address to Benedict XVI By Archbishop Elias of the Ukrainian Orthodox Greek-Catholic Church

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    http://en.gloria.tv/?media=126630 Address to Pope Benedict XVI By Archbishop Elias Of the Ukrainian Orthodox Greek-Catholic Church January 28, 2011 (Transcript
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      Address to Pope Benedict XVI
      By Archbishop Elias
      Of the Ukrainian Orthodox Greek-Catholic Church

      January 28, 2011
      (Transcript of the English translation)


      Your Holiness,

      On the very first day in the New Year shocking news went the rounds: You
      confirmed the apostatical gesture in Assisi; you intend to repeat and
      canonize it.

      We quote you: “To commemorate the great historic gesture of my predecessor
      and to solemnly renew the commitment of the believers of all the religions
      to live their own religious faith as a service to peace.”

      Your Holiness, realize that by your acknowledgement of the Assisi gesture,
      you stood against Christ and against His Mystical Body, the Church.

      This so-called “great historic gesture” is a total betrayal of Christianity.

      To invite pagans who worship Satan to Assisi and to commit them to living
      their own religious faith is absurd. To put pagan idolatry on an equal
      footing with the Gospel is heresy maxima.

      The Gospel and the whole missionary tradition of the Church are thus denied.

      Your Holiness, Peter denied Christ three times, but that very night he
      showed repentance.

      1) You publicly declared a heresy.
      2) You fixed a specific date of beatification of an apostate.
      3) You decided to make a gesture of apostasy and to go to Assisi yourself.

      In these last two years, our bishops’ Synod have repeatedly urged you to
      begin the reform of the Church. We have stressed that the reform of the
      Church cannot be effected without public repentance for the apostatical
      gesture of John Paul II in Assisi.

      It is the irony that at the beginning of this year you did quite the
      opposite: You set a concrete date on the beatification of an apostatical
      Pope: 1st May, 2011.

      The day when you beatify an apostate will become the day of your
      self-excommunication from the Mystical Body of Christ.

      According to the Epistle to the Galatians, Chapter 1, verses 8 and 9, you
      will fall under God’s anathema, a curse.

      If you then create unity with the spirit of Anti-Christ in Assisi, you will
      become a grave-digger of the Church.

      Twenty years after his death, Pope Honorius I was excommunicated from the
      Church only because he had been silent on heresy. Similarly to John Paul
      II, you are silent on heresies. You too make a historic heretical gesture.

      Unless you repent, you will be responsible for [the] self-destruction of the
      Catholic Church.

      Your Holiness, come to reason and repent.


      1) Firstly, cancel the planned meeting in Assisi and do the opposite. The
      opposite is public penance for the heretical gesture of John Paul II.
      2) Secondly, cancel the beatification of John Paul II.
      3) Thirdly, remove apostate cardinals and bishops from office. Consecrate
      true Catholic bishops who will carry out an internal reform of the Church.

      This is what the bleeding Church expects from you.

      This is what the suffering Shepherd of the Church, Jesus Christ Himself,
      expects from you.

      He will soon ask you to account for whether you acted in accordance with
      this prophetic word.

      Your Holiness, seven bishops of the Synod of the Ukrainian Orthodox
      Greek-Catholic Church are praying for you.
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