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Photo commentary made at Port Arthur Memorial on September 25, 2010

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  • Nelson Mitrophan Chin
    http://orthodox.cn/contemporary/liaoning/dalian/20100925lushuncemetery_en.htm September 25, 2010 English translation by Katherine Ilachinski Photo commentary
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      September 25, 2010
      English translation by Katherine Ilachinski

      Photo commentary made at Port Arthur Memorial on September 25, 2010

      There was the opening of the restored cemetery. Veterans who arrived were both Russian and Chinese. It seems there were a lot more reporters.

      Veterans of 88 team. The team became famous during the war, primarily because of its purpose, it was singular, reconnaissance and sabotage team, and reporting directly to the intelligence (PQ) DWF. It was still called "Stalin's Special Forces." Commander of the 1st Battalion of a separate small 88th infantry brigade was a young captain of the Red Army, Jin Richeng (called by the Chinese for Kim Il Sung).

      Army General Gareev Akhmetovich Mahmoud, president of the Academy of Military Sciences. After the war until 1947 - at the headquarters of the 5th Army in the Far East Military District. He said he saw my photo in the "Red Star" and asked who allowed me to be so cute. A little thing but pleasent.

      Army General Leonid G. Ivashov, Colonel-General (in retirement since 2001), President of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, a former chief of the General Directorate for International Military Cooperation, Ministry of Defense of Russia (1996-2001). This info is from the Internet. There he is shown in the rank of Army General, which can be seen in the photo. It is not clear. It should be clarified.

      General from Moscow. His name is Taras… His last name I do not remember (it starts with the letter G). He was accompanied by his grandson, who is also named Taras. He was present at the unveiling of the monument to Soviet soldiers-liberators of the Japanese occupation. The monument was installed at the central square of the city of Dalian - Stalin Sq. (before 1994, and now - the People's Square.). General showed me photos from the opening of the monument in 1955. In 1999, this monument was moved to Port Arthur and installed on the square in front of the entrance to the cemetery

      At the base of this monument, under the stands, there was once a museum, then they piled there entrusted to them wreaths, etc. After the restoration the museum is open again. There, on Sept. 25 veterans drank to "frontline" 100 grams.

      Chilingarov Arthur N., famous explorer of Arctic and Antarctic, a famous Russian scientist and oceanographer

      Father Alex (Kiselevich) from Shanghai. And he lives actually in Moscow next to us (that's coincidence!!!), in the Blue Bird. But now his daughter lives there with her husband and children. (Something seems familiar about the situation ...). The photo shows a rabbi and a mullah. Our Father is the most handsome. So interesting how the sun's rays fall.

      Show representatives of different faiths. After all, there are graves of Muslim, and Jews.

      Restoration Team Leader Chuzhikova Olga Ilinichna sprinkles Russian earth at the foot of venerating cross before the memorial service.

      Our good friends - members of Dalian chorus of Russian songs. They sang "Holy War" and "Let's drink to the Motherland". All eagerly picked up the singing.

      This is how well-groomed now is the Russian section of the cemetery. How it looked before - see the folder "then and now" In general, the entire cemetery is divided into Russian ("royal", as the Chinese call it) and the Soviet side, which has always been more or less okay. Our President has visited the following day, September 26, only the Soviet territory. The territory of the monument to Soviet soldiers was separated from the rest by the beautiful porcelain tubs with palm trees.

      Marble Chapel was established in 1907 by the Japanese government to honor the brave Russian soldiers. Cleaned the marble, set it as it was before, the cross on the roof.

      Venerating Cross — for those who gave their life for the Faith, Tsar and Fatherland. The cross was established by the Russian government in 1912 or 1914. Comparative pictures also in the folder "then and now". The restorers - cleaned marble from the fungus, provided gilt inscriptions and restored the mosaic face.

      just a funny occurrence - as if the rabbi takes the blessing from our priest.

      A memorial service for all, "here deceased and throughout the Orthodox"

      When mowed overgrown weeds, we found lot of unmarked graves. Bitter was the sight - barely protruding mounds on the "shaved" ground.
      Now they look like this.

      This picture was taken in June 2009 - the beginning of restoration works

      Vladimir's chapel. Priest and caretaker of the cemetery was Father Herman (as he introduced himself in any case to the Soviet command). From somewhere in my mind there is information that he arrived in Shanghai with the fleet of Admiral Stark in 1921, and was not a priest then. When the Russians left for San Francisco in the 60's, his daughters left, but he stayed and moved to Port Arthur, was ordained to the priesthood and served in the chapel at the cemetery. That is from the film "Russian in Shanghai," or from the story told by the old Russian-Americans, who came recently to Shanghai. I will check and will update then.

      Alexander Ivanovich Koval. Knows the history of Port Arthur better than any of the indigenous Chinese. Geologist by training became a historian by vocation. With parents lived and studied in Port Arthur until grade 9, clambered all corners. His sister was born there. Was a permanent consultant at the time of restoration and survey work. Yes, one can say quite a bit about him. Anyone searching for information about Port Arthur on the Internet surely will lead to one of his article. The President awarded him the watch during this his visit.

      Broken mosaic icon of St. Nicholas was restored in a workshop in the city of Korolev by Artist Juliana Marinina (Member of the Union of painters). Consecrated by Fr John in the Church of the Holy Trinity on the Sparrow Hills on August 6.

      On the monument to Catherine the handmaid
      of God is a touching epitaph:
      Here rests the remains of untimely dead
      on her 24th year the maiden of God, Catherine.
      Pray for the pure soul of the deceased.
      "Sleep well, my knight! You could not take
      life anymore. Dear beloved little cat,
      with iron will, you were fighting for the
      salvation of the Homeland, but life has
      won your suffering nerves and you're gone.
      Rest in peace. Alexander Zavernyaev "
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