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International Symposium Dedicated To The Orthodox Creed

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  • Bill Samsonoff
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 5, 2010

      International Symposium Dedicated To The Orthodox
      Creed At The Faculty Of Orthodox Theology Of Bucharest

      On, 1 November 2010, theologians, theology
      professors and many students from the country and
      abroad participate in the International Symposium
      with the theme “Nicene – Constantinopolitan
      Creed. History, Theology and Spirituality”. The
      meeting takes place at the Faculty of Orthodox of
      “Patriarch Justinian” of Bucharest in order to
      emphasize the importance of the Orthodox Creed in
      the history of Christianity, informs Trinitas Radio station.

      His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel opened the meeting
      and emphasized the normative role of the Symbol
      of Faith in the life of the Christians.

      “The Orthodox Creed shows us, at the same time,
      the final goal of the right faith, and the final
      goal of human life on the earth, namely the
      resurrection of the dead and the life of the
      century to come. More exactly, we believe in the
      Eternal Living God because we want to live
      forever with the soul and body in the love of the
      Holy Trinity. So, we see that, in fact, the
      Orthodox Creed is the norm of the right faith and
      of the unity of the Church, because it is the
      guide of our life on the way to salvation to the
      eternal Kingdom of the Holy Trinity. We hope that
      the session of this International Theological
      Symposium of Bucharest will deepen and explain
      the content of the Orthodox Creed as a source of
      light for the life and mission of the Church today”, said His Beatitude.
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