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Kodiak: A feast of slights

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  • Nina Tkachuk Dimas
    Liturgy was served by +Jonah, +Justinian/MP, +Maxim/Serbian, and +Benjamin.   ...   Fr. Joseph Kreta was there; however, his name was never mentioned, not
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 8, 2010
      Liturgy was served by +Jonah, +Justinian/MP, +Maxim/Serbian, and +Benjamin.

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      Fr. Joseph Kreta was there; however, his name was never mentioned, not even as a
      visitor, nor was he introduced.  An oversight?  Or just plain tacky?  Locals
      were extremely happy to see their former pastor and he them.
      When church got out at 12:30 p.m., there was “High Tea” at the Convention
      Center.  This was all planned by the appointed Pilgrimage Committee and
      Welcoming Committee; the St. Herman’s Sisterhood was kept out of planning of the
      Pilgrimage.   It was catered.  However, the food was not enough to feed an
      anorexic and several visiting clergy were seen afterwards at local restaurants. 
      Tickets were $35 for a meal that was probably less than 300 calories each.   The
      lack of food was scandalous and humiliating to Holy Resurrection.+Jonah spoke in
      church yesterday and today; he spoke a lot about forgiveness and defined it as
      “overlooking someone’s sin.”  ????
      Fr. Gerasim Eliel was the speaker at the “High Tea,” and spoke of the life of
      St. Herman, rather lengthily.  Both +Jonah and Fr. Gerasim spoke a good deal
      about monasticism.  To a crowd of mostly married laity…
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      What with the seminary students here for the summer instead of all going to
      their homes, and the Academy folks, the church was pretty full.  Did have a good
      collection of pilgrims, some from Russia, but didn't get to single them
      out....been busy talking with old friends, and the Kretas are here...so good to
      see them..Fr. Jerome [Cwiklinski]who was with the Coast Guard now with the
      Marines, wonderful priest...knows what life is really about instead of like the
      playboy we have..and the choir was swelled by so many more voices   they were
      magnificent!   And thought of you and others that have been here before but are
      absent this year...hopefully one day we can all celebrate Fr. Herman's life
      together again.....
      +Benjamin gave a wonderful dissertation on us 'locals'.... called us the
      'Children of St. Herman'...that we are descendents of the natives that St.
      Herman cared for...but in his heart, he wishes we'd all go away.  And after the
      Pilgrimage, we'll all be forgotten until next photo-op.... .
      In the evening, Vigil.  Tomorrow morning boats depart for Spruce Island.

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