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Archbishop Job Spoke Candidly to Father Vasile Susan in 2006

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    Title: Archbishop Job Spoke Candidly to Father Vasile Susan in 2006 Date Published: 3/31/2010 Publication: Pokrov.org Link:
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      Title: Archbishop Job Spoke Candidly to Father Vasile Susan in 2006

      Date Published: 3/31/2010

      Publication: Pokrov.org



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      [Photo caption]
      Father Vasile Susan with Archbishop Job Osacky at Holy Trinity Cathedral (OCA) in Chicago, Illinois: December 25, 2008

      Last week Father Vasile Susan sent Pokrov.org information about his 2006 audience with Archbishop Job Osacky. Susan had requested the meeting to discuss Susan's status within the Orthodox Church in America (OCA).

      In 2004 Susan was abruptly terminated from his position at St. Mary's Romanian Orthodox Church in Chicago, Illinois, by Archbishop Nathaniel Popp. The archbishop also had the priest removed from the Romanian Episcopate and transferred to the omophorion of the OCA's metropolitan.

      Susan was never given a reason for Popp's actions, although he thought it was because he was outspoken about another priest who he believed was an active homosexual. Although Susan was in good standing within the OCA, he had been without church employment since his 2004 termination from St. Mary's.

      Although Osacky was not Susan's bishop, he was the OCA hierarch in closest geographic proximity. Susan asked for



      and received



      a blessing to meet with Osacky from Metropolitan Herman Swaiko, his hierarch. Following the audience, Susan summarized what he and the archbishop had discussed, and Osacky signed the document that Susan produced.

      In his meeting with Susan, Osacky apologized to the priest for the way he had been treated. "The OCA Statute provides along with the ROEA Constitution and By – Laws clear provisions and procedures, which have been totally ignored by the OCA Metropolitan, and the ROEA Archbishop. This is a real abuse of power. I'm sorry to say this." Osacky also told Susan, "The only alleviation to your case I can do for you is to give my blessing to serve in any of my diocesan churches until the case will reach a final and viable solution for you and your family".

      With respect to what Susan believed was the reason behind his abrupt termination, Osacky appeared to confirm the priest's suspicions. "As for the ROEA homosexual priest I know the case very well because his presbytera talked to me, and she personally reported her husband to the ROEA Archbishop, and I know for facts that Rev Fr Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx is an active homosexual covered up by the OCA Metropolitan and the ROEA Archbishop." Later, Osacky acknowledged that "There are so many OCA homosexual cases not resolved."

      When Susan broached the idea of approaching Pokrov.org if the OCA Synod continued to ignore his plight, Osacky said, "I hope and pray you will have your day in a Church court before to go public with your case and make postings on pokrov.org...." Osacky was also candid about what he thought the result would be if Susan pursued this avenue. "Going publically and making postings over the Internet via pokrov.org will be devastating to the OCA as a whole. People will lose credibility within the OCA bishops ...."

      The full text of Susan's summary of his audience with Osacky is linked above.
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