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An Orthodox play

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  • Teresa A. Polychronis
    Below is a news release sent to me by Philip Atlakson, the playwright, one of Fr. David Moser s parishioners, as I recall. Teresa ... FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2004
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      Below is a news release sent to me by Philip Atlakson, the playwright, one of Fr. David Moser's parishioners, as I recall.


      Contact: Eden Teagle 917/921 1975



      What is an Eastern mystic doing in a desert out West? That’s the question that lures a couple from their suburban home to see for themselves a man who has been standing on a rock for 300 days, in Philip Atlakson’s new play, "The Ascetic of Lincoln County". The world premiere of the play is slated for the New York International Fringe Festival.

      Performances are August 16-28, at Our Lady of Pompei – Fr. Demo Hall, 25 Carmine Street (Bleecker Street, just off 6th Avenue.) Show times are: Monday 8/16 @ 5:30, Thursday 8/19 @ 5:00, Saturday 8/21 @ 9:30, Monday 8/23 @ 9:30, Thursday 8/26 @ 9:00, and Saturday 8/28 @ 3:00. All Tickets: $15. Visit www.FringeNYC.org or call in New York: 212/279-4488, or outside New York: 1-888-FringeNYC

      Billed as a "serious-comedy", the play is by turns outrageous, hilarious, and even frightening - as the quintessentially western couple attempt to unravel the mystery of the eastern ascetic and in so doing unwittingly unravel every falsehood of their own marriage.

      While developing the script Atlakson invited a real-life ascetic to critique a draft of his play. Monk Damian of Mt. Athos, Greece responded, "the play is beautiful, full of humor and psychological swings, but above all it points us toward the sacared."

      Atlakson, who heads the Dramatic Writing Program at Boise State University, developed the play last summer dividing his time between Boise, Idaho and monasteries in Greece where he studied first-hand the 1,600 year old Eastern ascetical tradition.

      "Asceticism is a practice of pure love," says Atlakson, "and what a challenge that is to what usually passes for love in my life." He said he was compelled to write the play because "even a long-lasting marriage can become little more than a small business because we so easily forget the most important part."

      Atlakson is directing the New York premiere with a cast and crew assembled from Idaho and New York City. CAST: Kirstin Allen (Sara), Mark Lynch (Jerry), Paul Klementowicz (The Ascetic), Justin Ness (Sheriff), Eden Teagle (Assistant Director/Stage Manager).

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