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  • Michał
    The Philippines is experiencing the worst outcome of a storm that affected the country in the present time in 40 years. The storm “Ondoy”
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2009
      The Philippines is experiencing the worst outcome of a storm that affected the country in the present time in 40 years. The storm “Ondoy” (International codename: Ketsana) hit the country last Saturday. This storm could be likened to typhoon “Katrina” that slapped the U.S.A. in 2006. Storm “Ondoy” brought heavy torrents to the northern part of the Philippines (Luzon) including Metro Manila. The rainstorm was not very strong but the huge volume of rains it brought was equivalent to 1 month of rainfalls in the Philippines.

      The result that “Ondoy” produced was a “virtual sea” in the city. Many parts of Metro Manila and neighboring provinces and cities were flooded. It destroyed lives, houses and properties and dislocated almost 500,000 families (Philippine Star Newspaper: http://www..philstar.com) as of this writing, with 100 persons confirmed dead and 86 still missing, not to mention those heavily affected by unwanted illnesses.

      The mode of operation regarding typhoon “Ondoy” has shifted to rescuing and helping those who were affected – women, children, the elderly, the poor folks, and even the affluent. Filipinos, as Christians, show a lot of heart to give whatever they could to the victims of the worst-weather disturbance that stroke the country. The government and private sectors work hand-in-hand to support the victims in this difficult trial of their lives. There are a lot of things needed to help our people but what they need really are basic things like: food, water, clothing, shelter and medicines. True, there are a lot of donations, but they are not enough though because of the huge number of families distressed by the storm.
      In this time of need, “PEOPLE POWER” (Philippine style) is operative. Each one of us forgets whatever status we belong, what affiliation, political inclination or religious belief. We are all one people and have one hope that this crisis would give us enough patience, perseverance and above all faith in God.

      The Antiochian Orthodox Church symphatizes and feels the burden of many Filipinos. We can not be blind to the difficulties of the victims, because we are right where the “action is.” Our Mission Church/Deanery in Antipolo City and the Municipality of Taytay are part of Rizal Province, one of the provinces affected hardly by storm “Ondoy” (where our almost 7,000 faithful are concentrated), although our Mission Churches/Deaneries in Marikina City, Quezon City, Parañaque City, Caloocan City, San Jose Del Monte City, Bulacan and the Provinces of Laguna and Bataan were also badly hit.

      The Antiochian Orthodox Church is barely 2 years in the Philippines. An infant, we are not yet stable as a Church, unlike the Roman Catholic Church which has been here for over 500 years already. Thus, we appeal to all Orthodox Churches throughout the world to help us here in the Philippines, especially the victims of the “Katrina-like typhoon.”

      We know we could count on you. Although you could donate things in kind but we think the most easiest and practical ways are through cash deposits. You could send your cash donations through our bank account details:

      > Foreign Currency Account (FCA) No.: 3592001562

      Acct Name: Archbishop Metropolitan of Oceania (Australia,
      New Zealand and the Philippines)

      Bank Name: Allied Bank Zabarte Quirino Branch, Novaliches,
      Quezon City, Philippines.

      > Savings Account (SA) No.: 3590039083.
      Acct Name: Same as above
      Bank Name: Same as above, Or:

      > Top Saver’s Account No.: 3590044826
      Acct Name: Very Rev. Fr. (Yitzhak) Pascualito D. Monsanto
      Bank Name: Same as Above

      > Current Account No.: 3591012337
      Acct Name: Very Rev. Fr. (Yitzhak) Pascualito D. Monsanto
      Bank Name: Same as above

      Donations in kind may be sent to:

      Philippines Auxiliary-Vicar to the Metropolitan Archbishop
      Antiochian Orthodox House
      Lot 11, Block 2, UPEHCO Subdivision
      Brgy. San Luis, Antipolo City,
      Philippines 1820
      Tel. No. (02) 9739235

      You will receive Acknowledgments and/or BIR Stamped Receipts (Tax Deductions), Progress Report about this mission and a Financial Report on the matter through all the available means of communication.

      In Jesus Christ,

      Philippine Auxiliary-Vicar to the Metropolitan Archbishop
      Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines

      Manila SSTs. Peter and Paul Vicariate
      D2-11 Mulawin St., Farmview Subdivision, Tungkong Mangga,
      San Jose Del Monte City, Bulacan, Philippines 3023
      SEC REG. NO. CN200418567 / BIR TIN 262-567-449-000
      Contact Nos. (02) 973-9235 / (02) 387-8029 / 09216496399

      source: http://www.antiochianarch.org.au/NewsItem.aspx?i=132
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