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Four Religious Leaders Appear in Top 100 List of Most Influential Ukrainians

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    http://www.risu.org.ua/eng/news/article;31297/ Four Religious Leaders Appear in Top 100 List of Most Influential Ukrainians 01.09.2009, [02:17] // Survey //
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      Four Religious Leaders Appear in Top 100 List of Most Influential Ukrainians
      01.09.2009, [02:17] // Survey //

      KYIV — The magazine "Korrespondent" named the head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church – Kyivan Patriarchate (UOC-KP) Patriarch Filaret (Denysenko) the most influential religious leader of Ukraine, who took 30th place in the "Top 100 most influential people of Ukraine." Altogether fourth religious leaders appeared in the top 100: Metropolitan Volodymyr (Sabodan) (32nd place), Patriarch Lubomyr (Husar) (54th place), and Rabbi Yakiv Dov Bleich (59th place).

      As the publication indicates, the survey of public opinion shows that most Ukrainians prefer to attend churches of the UOC-Kyivan Patriarchate; that said, by official statistics there are more parishes of the UOC-Moscow Patriarchate (UOC-MP) in Ukraine. "The status of the head of the officially second, and unofficially first, church of Ukraine makes Filaret the spiritual authority for a large number of faithful and influential as a civil activist. And his consistent and principled position in the struggle for a united and independence Ukrainian Orthodox church is a worthy credit in the eyes of non-religious, but patriotically inclined countrymen," affirms "Korrespondent."

      In the opinion of the rating's compilers, the head of the UOC-KP "is supported by many adherents of independence even in the UOC-MP, which strengthens Filaret's position and establishes the certainty of victory of his ideas, even if he himself cannot see this."

      Metropolitan Volodymyr, head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church-MP, according to the rating of the publication, falls two positions below. "The church schism more than aggrieves him," but he "has nothing against his `rival,' Patriarch Filaret, Metropolitan Volodymyr," writes the weekly.

      Journalists presume that to lead the largest Orthodox church in Ukraine, "proclaiming autonomy and thus being constantly compared with Moscow, is not easy. Most likely, that is why Volodymyr usually noncommittally declares his attitude towards the possibility of independence from Russia." Together with this, the compilers believe that Metropolitan Volodymyr "remains head of the influential Church, thus he who makes important decisions, and also the pastor and spiritual authority for many Ukrainians, especially in the eastern and southern oblasts of the country."

      In regards to the head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Patriarch Lubomyr, "Korrespondent" remarks that his flock in Ukraine grows each year by at least 1%, and in 2008, Greek Catholics took the third place after Orthodox and Protestants. "The UGCC is no longer considered a religious organization of just the western oblasts of Ukraine, and the opening of a patriarchal cathedral in Kyiv became the definitive conclusion to the consolidation of influence of this church in the country." The rating's compilers perceive a "significant merit" in its head, who "attracts new faithful with his moral authority and slowly but steadily spreads his influence in the eastern regions."

      Lubomyr Huzar is called educated, reasonable, and deeply faithful, and this attracts those for whom the spiritual component of religion is important. By the conclusions of "Korrespondent," Husar tries to distance himself from material richness and politics. All of this strengthens his influence not only among the faithful of the UGCC, but also among the educated and patriotically inclined Ukrainians.

      The Chief Rabbi of Kyiv and Ukraine Yakiv Dov Bleich closes the list of the most influential religious leaders in Ukraine. However, the fact that the leader of Ukrainian Jews is not a public person, "his influence in the Judaic world his hard to over-estimate – he does not only lead the affairs of the his faithful in Ukraine, but also represents the Ukrainian Jews in the international level as a vice president of several European organizations," stress the journalists of the publication. In addition, Yakiv Dov Bleich heads the All-Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations (AUCCRO).

      The compilers of the rating of the most influential Ukrainians noticed the chief rabbi of Ukrainians has remarkable talent as a manager and organizer, and also an active life position, which helps him make a significant contribution in the country's Jewish renaissance – construction and reconstruction of synagogues, new schools, children's day cares, buildings for elderly people, and so on. "The welfare of Ukrainian Jews was always in the first place for him," stresses "Korrespondent."

      • http://korrespondent.net/magazine/projects/352469
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