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Ethiopian Orthodox Church Day celebrated in DC

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      Ethiopian Orthodox Church Day celebrated in DC

      The event was organized by Ethiopian churches in the Washington DC Metro Area. Some 1,500 people attended the two-day celebration, which included a discussion on the history of Ethiopian Orthodox Church."The highlight of the event was to see the initiative young Ethiopian Americans who took part in explaining the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church's history, sacred objects and its Abenet Schools (Kes Temeheret bet) to the non-Amharic speakers," according to Wz. Amaretch Tademe, one of the organi  more....

      Orthodox clinic meets Zimbabweans’ health needs

      Park Town, Zimbabwe — On the outskirts of this beleaguered country's capital, Harare, is a free medical clinic run by a nurse midwife who provides what most people can't find in Zimbabwe today: a proper medical diagnosis. "Most people haven't been diagnosed yet and so they are just treating the symptoms," said Sister Nomhle Mtupha, who, with one aide's assistance, sees about 700 patients per month at Park Town Clinic. Her patients suffer from malnutrition, diarrhea, the flu, sores, hypertension,  more.....

      Largest Ethiopian newspaper sued by Orthodox Church

      The Ethiopian private newspaper Addis Neger is being sued by the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, according to local newspaper reports this weekend. It was charged of defaming the church by allegedly writing false information about Patriarch Abune Paulos and the ongoing crisis inside the troubled church. The famous Amharic weekly paper widely reported on the power struggle inside the church's executive committee. Journalist Abraham Begizew was as the result taken to a police station before being relea  more....

      Video -- Acropolis Museum movie won't be cut; thank you, YouTube

      Last week, the director asked to withdraw his credit from an animated short that the museum was showing as part of a larger film about the history of the Parthenon. Officials at the museum had reportedly removed a scene from Costa-Gavras' movie after the Greek Orthodox Church objected to what it saw as a depiction of Christian priests destroying parts of the ancient temple..  more....

      Thousands of believers welcome Rssn Patriarch at West-Ukrainian monastery

      POCHAYEV, Western Ukraine, August 4 (Itar-Tass) - Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill arrived at the Pochayev Laura Tuesday afternoon to get a welcome from about 15,000 disciples of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church reporting to Moscow Patriarchate.The laura in Eastern Orthodoxy is a monastery or convent of the highest rank.A small number of opponents of the Patriarch's visit to Ukraine stood waving flags some two kilometers away from the monastery.  more....

      Tracing the Rich History of the Russian Wedding

      In pre-Revolutionary Russia, weddings were considered the high point of one’s life. Peasants and aristocrats alike divided their lives into two parts — before and after the wedding — and village celebrations would often stagger on for a whole year after the wedding itself.Communism tried to rid Russians of the “bourgeois” mentality and reduce marriage to the official act of stamping one’s passport at ZAGS — the abbreviation for a registry office — but failed miserably and the svadba, or wedding,  more....

      Russian patriarch satisfied with his visit to Ukraine

      "I said that I wanted to pray together with godly Ukrainian people and today, winding up my visit [to Ukraine] I can say that this prayer was answered.. I felt your hearts with my heart, I saw your faces, I felt the depth of your faith, which is being preserved by godly Ukrainian people," the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church said addressing the believers from the porch of the Assumption Cathedral in Volodymyr-Volynsky on Tuesday.  more....

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