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Olivier Clement, a leading figure of the Orthodox world, is no longer

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  • Bill Samsonoff
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 16, 2009

      Olivier Clement, a leading figure of the Orthodox world, is no longer

      16/01/2009 18.52.50

      The Orthodox theologian and historian Olivier
      CLÉMENT died in Paris on the evening of January
      15, at the age of 87 years. Olivier Clement was
      one of the most significant witness of Orthodoxy
      in the West in the second half of the twentieth century.

      Among the contemporary Orthodox theologians,
      Olivier Clement was the one who, without doubt,
      has to be more attentive to questions of
      modernity which he sought to address through a
      powerful and poetic reflection, both rooted in
      the Tradition the Church, but at the same time creating and renewing.

      Olivier Clement was the interlocutor of several
      major spiritual his time - the Patriarch
      Athenagoras, Pope John Paul II, the priest and
      theologian Romanian Dumitru Staniloae, Brother
      Roger of Taizé - with whom he will build
      relationships of trust and friendship.

      Thus, in 1998, he had been given by John Paul
      II writing meditations that Pope had read this
      year's celebration of the cross on Good Friday at the Colosseum.

      . Olivier Clement leaves a vast work, including
      some thirty works of theology, history of church
      and spirituality as well as numerous articles,
      published in the journal including Contacts,
      which he led the drafting since 1959. Alongside
      his teaching activity, Olivier Clement was
      particularly involved in the life and witness of
      the Orthodox Church in France. Consultant of the
      Inter Orthodox Bishops of France from 1967 to
      1997, he was a member of the joint Catholic
      Orthodox theological dialogue and bilateral meetings orthodox Protestants.

      Olivier Clement has also inspired the work of
      the Orthodox Brotherhood in Western Europe since
      its founding in the early 1960s and has
      participated actively in various conferences
      Orthodox Western Europe since 1971, allowing all
      three years of the Orthodox from the four corners
      of the continent to meet to pray and reflect
      together. His role was often crucial in the
      course of many young and old, Orthodox or not,
      who have found meaning in their lives through the
      words of Olivier Clement, when he gave lectures
      during these gatherings, or elsewhere in the
      context of ecumenical meetings, symposiums, interviews.
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