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Resolution on Cultural Ethnocide Towards Carpathian Rusins

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  • Bill Samsonoff
    http://en.fondsk.ru/article.php?id=1819 The Resolution Of The International Conference «henocide And Cultural Ethnocide Towards Carpathian Rusins» (The End
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      The Resolution Of The International Conference
      «henocide And Cultural Ethnocide Towards
      Carpathian Rusins» (The End Xix - The Beginning Of Xxi Centuries)»

      The resolution is accepted by the international
      conference of scientists and representatives of
      the public of Ukraine, Russia, Serbia, Czechia,
      Moldova in Rostov-on-Don on December, 19th, 2008.

      According to results of work on conference its participants resolve:

      1. Rusins of Carpathian Rus were the first ethnic
      group in history of a XX century (alongside with
      the Armenian population of Ottoman empire)
      concerning which the policy of a direct genocide
      was spent. Active, appreciably organizing role in
      a genocide towards Rusins the Ukrainian
      nationalism has played. As the reason for a
      genocide towards Rusins have served their
      national consciousness and sympathies to Russia
      which was at war with Austro-Hungarian empire.

      The Rusins’ tragedy still is not estimated to the
      full by scientific community and wide public
      circles. The careful attitude to memory of
      Rusins’ tragedy demands from the scientists of
      different countries and, first of all, Russia and
      Ukraine, purposeful laborious work on studying
      the reasons and scales of this tragedy.

      2. The cultural ethnocide policy towards Rusin
      population in modern Ukraine is followed. It
      means deprivation of people of its historical
      name and historical memory, creation of obstacles
      to development of national culture and to receive
      education using the native language. Authorities
      of Ukraine on all extent of existence of the
      independent Ukrainian state since December, 1991
      carry out the policy contradicting the base
      democratic norms towards Rusins. Especially rigid
      forms were got by this policy during board of president V. Yushchenko.

      3. Carrying out concerning Rusins a policy of
      violent ukrainization, the Ukrainian authorities
      consider them as ethnographic group (part) of
      Ukrainians. Meanwhile itself ethnonime «Rusin»
      much more ancient than «Ukrainian». Rusins of
      Carpathian Rus - the autochthonous people of the
      Central Europe since olden days occupying
      southern slopes of Carpathians. Ethnically,
      linguistically, mentally, culturally and
      religiously Rusins sharply differ from the
      neighbours – Ukrainians (from Galicia). This fact
      puts under doubt the official version of the
      Ukrainian science about Rusins as to ethnographic
      group of Ukrainians and demands complex
      scientific studying of Rusin as an ethnic group.

      The modern scientific methodology names one of
      the basic criteria of identification of people
      its ethnic consciousness (self-identification).
      Rusins realize itself as separate East Slavic
      people alongside with Russians, Ukrainians and Byelorussians.

      4. Originality of Rusins legislatively recognize
      all Central European countries in which Rusin
      communities historically live - Czechia,
      Slovakia, Serbia, Hungary, etc. In Poland Lemkos
      are officially recognized as a separate ethnic
      group, a subethnic group of Rusins.

      Rusins are recognized as the separate ethnic
      group in the international documents. In 2006 the
      Committee of the United Nations for liquidation
      of a racial discrimination has expressed concern
      with a state of affairs with Rusin national
      minority in Ukraine - « absence of an official
      recognition of Rusins as the national minority,
      despite of its obvious ethnic features » and
      recommended « to consider the problem on a
      recognition Rusins as a national minority » as
      there are « essential differences between Rusins
      and Ukrainians » (Committee of the United Nations
      for liquidation of a racial discrimination. The
      Sixty ninth session. On July, 31st - on August, 18th, 2006. Paragraph 20).

      5. From the legal point of view status of
      Zakarpatye (historical area Podkarpatskaya Rus)
      till now is not certain. The constitution of
      Ukraine (item 9) gives exhaustive list of
      international legal norms which constitute a part
      of the national legislation: " valid
      international treaties, signed by Ukraine, the
      consent to which compulsion is been given by the
      Supreme Soviet of Ukraine ". The contract 1946 "
      About the Zakarpatye Ukraine " was signed by the
      USSR, instead of Ukrainian Soviet Republic.
      Ukraine according to the Law of Ukraine " About
      succession of Ukraine " is assignee only of those
      contracts of the USSR, " the consent to which
      compulsion is given by the Supreme Soviet of
      Ukraine ". Till now officially published Act of
      expression by the Supreme Soviet of Ukraine of
      the consent to compulsion of the international
      Contract " About the Zakarpatye Ukraine " is not
      present, and, hence, the specified Contract for Ukraine is void.

      6. Ukraine did not implant results of a
      referendum of 1991 (78 % of the population of the
      Zakarpatskaya oblast have voted on this
      referendum for autonomic territory in borders of
      Ukraine, 90 % - for independence of Ukraine
      itself). Thereby authorities of Ukraine have
      broken the basic right of Zakarpatye inhabitants.
      Proceeding from a political conjuncture, the
      second part of results of a referendum according
      to which Ukraine proclaimed itself the
      independent state at one’s own choosing has been implanted only.

      7. Participants of the international conference
      pay attention of the Ukrainian officials,
      remedial organizations, to scientific community
      on inadmissibility of continuation of
      discrimination policy towards Rusin national
      minority in Ukraine and express hope, that the
      international public will render all-round
      support to lawful and fair requirements of people of Podkarpatskaya Rus.

      Rostov-on-Don, on December, 19th, 2008
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