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      Twelve Outreach Programs receive OCMC's Agape Canister Grants in 2004
      June 4, 2004



      The Orthodox Christian Mission Center (OCMC), St. Augustine, FL - Through its Agape Canister Program, the Orthodox Christian Mission Center demonstrates the physical manifestation of Christ’s love for all people by helping to take care of the hungry, the suffering and the poor regardless of race, color or creed. Agape grants given by OCMC are used to help fund feeding programs, clinics, orphanages, schools and educational and agricultural development programs.


       In 2004, there are twelve different outreach programs run by the Orthodox Church in eight countries that are receiving Agape grants. The following is a brief description of each program that is being aided by OCMC’s Agape Canister Program in 2004.


      Supervised by OCMC Missionary, Victoria Goodwin, the Protection of the Theotokos Infant and Family Center in Romania provides a safe, loving home for abandoned infants. There are currently six babies being cared for in the Center.


      The St. Dimitrie Program, run by OCMC Missionary, Floyd Frantz, addresses the growing problem of alcoholism in Romania . Floyd has started several support groups for prison inmates, tuberculosis clinic patients and others in the city of Cluj .  He also trains priests and lay people to become counselors.


      The St. Pantelimon Clinic, run by OCMC Missionary Craig Goodwin, provides medical care, pharmaceuticals, pro-life counseling and classes (either free or at a small charge) to the poor in Cluj , Romania .


      In India , the morning Feeding Program provides milk and biscuits to 150 children, daily, in the slums of Calcutta . This may be the only meal the children do not have to beg for.


      In Uganda , Holy Cross Medical Center and its eight satellite clinics provide basic medical services. In 2004, the Agape Canister grant will provide an electric generator for the hospital, as the electric supply in Uganda is not stable.


      Also in Uganda , young men and women, ages 14-30, train to become teachers, lab technicians, nurses, doctors, masons, electricians, lawyers and hotel managers. Without this financial help, these students would not be able to continue their education.


      In Kenya , the Chavogere Clinic provides primary medical assistance, vaccinations and health education to the people of the surrounding area.


      In Madagascar , an Agape grant helps with the general running expenses for an orphanage and school ministry that supports nearly 300 children who are either orphaned or from very poor families. The children are provided with food, medical care and schooling.               


      Agape Canister funds will help to provide scholarships to high school aged students so that they can attend St. Peter’s Business College , a trade school in Ghana .  By learning specific trades, such as secretarial skills, they can find employment upon graduation and stop

      the cycle of poverty.   


      Located in Masbate , Philippines , the second poorest area in the Philippines , the Theotokos Day Care School is a kindergarten which serves 54 students between the ages of 4 and 6.  They are taught in a warm, loving environment which enables them to develop at a faster pace than children at other schools in the area. 


      The St. Thomas Boarding House in Indonesia is an orphanage which houses 11 children and provides food, shelter and support for them.

      The children attend public school and they share love and fellowship as they learn how to work, pray and read the Bible. 


      The St. Herman’s Drug and Alcohol Training Program provides fourth year seminarians with Rural Alaska Drug and Alcohol Counseling Training, enabling them to help those suffering from substance abuse in their parishes and to seek employment at rehabilitation centers. 






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