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  • Bill Samsonoff
    ORTHODOX CHURCH IN AMERICA PO Box 675 Syosset, NY 11791-0675 Office: 516-922-0550 Fax: 516-922-0954 Email: info@oca.org Web: www.oca.org
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 7, 2008

      PO Box 675

      Syosset, NY 11791-0675

      Office: 516-922-0550 Fax: 516-922-0954

      Email: info@... Web: www.oca.org




      Members of the Orthodox Church in America will gather in Pittsburgh,
      PA, for their 15th All-American Council from Monday, November 10 to
      Thursday, November 13, 2008.

      "The All-American Council is the highest legislative and
      administrative authority in our Church," said OCA Communications
      Director, the Very Rev. Andrew Jarmus. "Councils are held every three
      years to examine and evaluate activities and issues faced during the
      preceding three years and to establish future priorities and goals."

      This upcoming Council will review recent changes to the OCA Chancery
      Office's administrative and financial policies and procedures. The
      early part of the Council will be dedicated to the review of the
      problems encountered and that are being addressed by the changes that
      were made.

      Central to the Pittsburgh All-American Council will be the election a
      new Metropolitan (First Hierarch and Primate) for the Orthodox Church
      in America. The new Primate - the Metropolitan of All America and
      Canada - will oversee a Church that includes parishes in all of the
      United States of America, Canada and Mexico. The OCA's former
      primate, Metropolitan HERMAN (Swaiko), a native of Western
      Pennsylvania, retired in early September.

      The Metropolitan is canonically elected by the Holy Synod of Bishops
      from among a candidate or candidates chosen by ballot by the clergy
      and lay delegates at the AAC.

      Although he will begin his duties almost immediately, the new
      Metropolitan's official installation will not take place until
      December 28, 2008 at the OCA's Saint Nicholas Cathedral in Washington, DC.

      Council delegates also will discuss a process of strategic planning
      for the future of the Orthodox Church in America that will be the
      emphasis of the next three year term. "The effort to once again
      embrace our vision in these present social and historical
      circumstances will be an important point of discussion at our
      Council," Fr. Jarmus said.

      Archpriest Andrew
      Jarmus Igumen
      Patrick (Carpenter)

      Tel. (516) 922-0550 ext.
      134 Tel: (412) 431-6428

      Cell (516)
      Cell: (412) 334-4983


      Director of Ministries and
      Communication Archdiocesan Press Spokesman

      Orthodox Church in
      America Archdiocese
      of Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania

      Media Registration Information

      1) Attached is a media registration form that we ask all media to
      please fill out and to return to the Press Desk in the AAC
      Secretary's Office (The Duquesne Room on the first floor) in the Hilton Hotel.

      2) In the AAC Secretary's Office there will be a press packet
      containing detailed information on the 15th All-American Council for
      your information. In the packet you will find:

      a. Onsite communications numbers for communications staff;

      b. Communications information for the Orthodox Church in America;

      c. FACT Sheet on the 15th All-American Council;

      d. FACT Sheet on the Orthodox Church in America;

      e. The 15th AAC Agenda;

      f. What Orthodox Christians belief.

      3) Formal passes will be available from the Communications Staff
      to provide media with access as needed for AAC sessions and
      events. These passes are important as they will allow the AAC clerks
      to be able to keep an accurate count regarding Delegates, Observers
      and others present in the sessions.

      4) According to the OCA's procedure for electing a Metropolitan,
      the doors to the plenary room will remain closed for the duration of
      the election; no one will be allowed in or out of the room. The
      entire election process could take up to three hours. If time is an
      issue, it is recommended that you arrive closer to noon, when the
      election is scheduled to end; speak with personnel in the Secretarial
      Room and they will notify Communications Staff who will bring you
      into the plenary room as soon as possible.

      5) Photography is permitted at all sessions and events, but
      access is restricted to certain parts of the plenary room; please
      speak with Communications Staff for details.

      6) If you have a special need, please let either Fr. Andrew or
      Fr. Patrick know what it is and we endeavor to facilitate it.
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