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Abp DIMITRY (Voznesensky) of Hailar

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  • Nelson Mitrophan Chin
    http://orthodox.cn/localchurch/harbin/dimitryvoznesensky_en.htm originally published in Russian by ortho-rus.ru DIMITRY (Voznesensky) English Translation by
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      originally published in Russian by ortho-rus.ru

      DIMITRY (Voznesensky)

      English Translation by Igor Radev

      Surname, Name, Patronymic: Voznesensky Nikolai Fedorovich

      Rank: Archbishop

      Place of Birth: Kursk Province

      Place of Repose: Leningrad

      Date of Birth: 1871, XIX Century

      Date of Repose: January 31, 1947, XX Century

      Church Affiliation: Russian Orthodox Church


      DIMITRY (Voznesensky Nikolai Fedorovich), Archbishop of Hailar in
      Harbin Diocese.
      He was born in 1871 in Kursk Province.
      In 1898 he graduated from the Moscow Spiritual Academy with a degree
      in Theology, after which he taught History of Debunking the Schism in
      the Kursk Spiritual Seminary.
      On February 19, 1904, he was removed under his own request from the
      school service.
      Later he became teacher of the Law of God (Catechesis) to the Poltava
      Cadet Corps, where he also published the journal "Faith and Life".
      After receiving the holy orders, he first served in Kursk as a priest,
      and then as an archpriest.
      In 1909 he was appointed an archpriest to the Blagveshchensk Cathedral.
      In 1917 he moved to Harbin, where he held the post of residing
      archpriest attached to St Nicholas Cathedral and at the same time
      served as a lecturer at the East China Railway Commercial School.
      Afterwards he was appointed the rector of the Holy Iveron Mother of
      God Church in Harbin.
      In 1934 he was consecrated the Bishop of Hailar while remaining the
      rector of the mentioned church. In 1944 he was elevated to the rank of
      On September 29, 1946, he went to Moscow, from where he retired to the
      Pskovo-Pechersky Monastery.
      He reposed on January 31, 1947, in Leningrad, where he was buried at
      the larger Ohtensk cemetery. The burial service was performed by
      Gregory, the Metropolitan of Leningrad and Novgorod, and Yuvenaly,
      Bishop of Chelyabinsk.
      In the Journal of the Moscow Patriarchate a statement of this Far
      Eastern bishop was published, in which he called for reunification
      with the Russian Orthodox Church.
      The Hierarch was distinguished for his piety, strictness regarding the
      proper keeping of the statutes and Church regulations. He was always
      austere toward himself but lenient in regard to others, he attracted
      the faithful with his love and kindness. Thrice a week he served the
      Divine Services.
      Together with Metropolitan Melety he had shown a remarkable zeal in
      protecting the Orthodox Faith in his battle against the Japanese
      coercion to force the Russian people to bow to the goddess Amaterasu,
      at the same time being unshaken by the threats and repression from the
      Japanese administration. He wrote commentaries on Revelation and the
      Psalms. He has also written many other religious and ethical books,
      some of which it was impossible to identify.


      "How to Transform Our Spiritual Schools and Seminaries". Harkov, 1906.
      "Short Accounts from the History of the Christian Church". Harbin, 1921.
      "The Wolf and the Goat: Fables". Harbin, n.d. [no date of publication]
      "Children's Prayer Book with Simple Explanations of the Prayer Text".
      Shanghai, 1948.
      "The Diary of Murzilka: A Tale of the Travels, Wonderings, Mischief
      and Pranks of the Little Wood People". Harbin, n.d.


      "Church Bulletin" 1898, No. 40, pg. 370, 1904, No. 10, pg. 97.
      "JMP [Journal of the Moscow Patriarchate]" 1945, No. 10, pg. 5, 1947,
      No. 2, pg. 4, 6.
      "Russian Orthodox Church", pg. 44.
      "Journal of the Kazan Diocese" 1904, No. 12-13, pg. 369.
      "Church Life" 1934, 7, 114-119.

      Duties and Places of Service:

      Teacher: Kursk Spiritual Seminary; 1898, XIX Century – 1904, XX Century.

      Hierarch: Hailar Diocese; 1934 – September 16/29, 1946, XX Century.
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