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9145Mother of sex abuse victim reaches other parents

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  • Melanie Jula Sakoda
    May 1, 2008
      Title: Mother of sex abuse victim reaches other parents

      Date Published: 5/1/2008

      Publication: WJBC (McLean County, IL)

      Monica Iliff shares her son's story about sex abuse that unfortunately
      ended with his suicide. Eric Iliff was a young man when he attended a
      seminary in New York state. His family could never imagine his efforts
      to serve God would end in tragedy, including clergy sex abuse by his
      mentor. Monica hopes she can reach other parents who might be
      struggling with a sex abuse case involving their own child. Her friend
      and counselor Lynn Willard joins the conversation as WJBC wraps up
      April - Child Abuse Prevention Month.

      An audio of the complete program can be found at: