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8783Stalin era should never return – Russian Orthodox Church

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  • Bill Samsonoff
    Mar 5, 2008

      05 March 2008, 14:58
      Stalin era should never return – Russian Orthodox Church

      Moscow, March 5, Interfax - On the day of the
      55th anniversary since Stalin's death the Moscow
      Patriarchate has warned against glorifying
      Stalin's era and called for a realistic evaluation of the period.

      "Present and future Russian citizens should be
      aware of what Stalin's era really was and should
      not be painting idealistic pictures of the time,"
      Reverend Georgy Ryabykh, the acting secretary for
      relations between Church and the public at the
      Moscow Patriarchate Department for External
      Church Relations, told Interfax-Religion.

      Stalin's era is "a lesson of great historical
      significance for today's Russia and other
      countries," he said, adding that the era "should never return."

      Under Stalin the country was able "to recover
      after the civil war, to preserve its unity, to
      carry out industrialization, to win the war, and
      to build its scientific potential," he said.

      "But these achievements in social building cannot
      be justified by the victims of the Soviet regime
      during the years of Stalin's rule," he said.

      The example of other nations shows "how the same
      achievements could have been made otherwise,
      without sacrificing our own citizens," Fr. Georgy said.