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8600OCA: Chancery Administration meets w/Organizational Task Force

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  • Nina Tkachuk Dimas
    Feb 7, 2008

      Chancery Administration meets with Organizational Task Force

      Article posted: 2/6/2008 11:53 PM

      SYOSSET, NY [OCA Communications] -- On Tuesday, February 5, 2008, His Beatitude, Metropolitan Herman and the three members of the Chancery Administrative Team, Archpriests Alexander Garklavs and Andrew Jarmus and Priest Michael Tassos, met with members of the OCA Organizational Task Force. The Administrative Team called the meeting to review a number of matters relating to the management of the OCA's Central Administration. Issues discussed at the meeting included the status of the reduced staff at the Chancery and the development of a human resources manual for Central Administration personnel. It was also decided that the Administrative Team and Task Force will review the job descriptions of the four managerial positions. Revisions to the job descriptions may be made based on the practical experience gained in these positions since their inception.

      During the meeting OCA Treasurer, Fr. Michael Tassos, spoke about his recent trip to Holy Cross Church in Medford, NJ. While at Holy Cross Church Fr. Michael met with parish members, answering their questions about the current status of the OCA. All three Administrative Team members have made similar visits and share the belief that they are of great benefit. They look forward to engaging in more visits in the future and are always open to invitations to attend parish, deanery and diocesan events.

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