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8254Moscow Patriarchate marks death of Archrpriest Dmitry Grigorieff

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  • Nina Tkachuk Dimas
    Dec 10, 2007
      Archpriest Dmitry Grigorieff, one of the oldest clerics of the Orthodox Church in America, dies

      Archpriest Dmitry Grigorieff, Dean Emeritus of St. Nicholas Cathedral in Washington, DC and professor at Georgetown University, died in the 89th year of his life.

      Fr. Dmitry Grigorieff was born in England in 1919. His father, Dmitry Dmitrievich Grigorieff, in pre-revolutionary times was vice-governor of Arkhangelsk, Vyatka and Sakhalin. In 1918, after being arrested and fleeing, he emigrated together with his family to Riga and later to England.

      Soon the future priest�s family moved to Japan. After the end of the Civil War, the Grigorieff family returned to Riga. There Dmitry finished the Russian high school and enrolled in the theological institute.

      Being a British citizen, during World War II, he was evacuated to Australia and from 1943 until 1944, he was in the Pacific fleet of the British Merchant Marines. At the end of the war, he found himself in the USA.

      Dmitry graduated from Yale University, later received a Ph.D. from University of Pennsylvania and completed his theological formation in St. Vladimir�s Theological School in New York. From 1959 he taught Russian language and literature at Georgetown University. During the same time, he took an active part in the life of his Orthodox parish. In 1964, he became a professor at the university and worked in this capacity until 1989.

      D. Grigorieff was ordained to the priesthood in 1969. When St. Nicholas Church in Washington was designated the Cathedral of the Metropolitanate, Fr. Dmitry was appointed to be the second priest. During the 1970s, Fr. Dmitry Grigorieff introduced regular divine services in the English language. In 1986 Fr. Dmitry was appointed Cathedral Dean and from 1998 became Dean Emeritus.

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