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8019Russian clerics leave meeting on Orthodox-Catholic dialogue

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  • emrys@globe.net.nz
    Oct 10, 2007
      Oct 10 2007
      Russian clerics leave meeting on Orthodox-Catholic dialogue over rifts


      MOSCOW. Oct 10 (Interfax) - A delegation of the Moscow Patriarchate on
      Tuesday left a meeting of the Mixed Commission for Orthodox-Catholic
      Theologian Dialogue, which opened in Ravenna, Italy.

      "Following their arrival in Ravenna the Orthodox delegation learned that
      representatives of the so-called Estonian Apostolic Church, formed in 1996
      by the Constantinople Patriarchate on the canonical territory of the Moscow
      Patriarchate, had been entered on the list of delegates," Archbishop
      Illarion of Vienna and Austria, the Russian Church's envoy in Europe and a
      member of the Mixed Commission, told Interfax.

      Archbishop Illarion told the Orthodox members of the Commission that the
      Moscow patriarchate does not recognize "the Estonian Apostolic Church" as an
      autonomous canonical organization, and warned that if its representatives
      did not leave, the delegates of the Russian Church would do so.