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  • Timothy Farrell
    Sep 5, 2007
      Saint Philothea Project
      2004 E. Whitmer St.
      Decatur, IL 62521
      Timothy Farrell

      Greetings in the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit!

      September is almost here. In many place school is starting soon.
      Usually you would have received a few emails from asking for your
      attention to the needs of orphans, abortion survivors, poor children,
      and other poor in Romania.

      Florin and Andrea our assistants and family in Romania are due to
      deliver their child in December.

      We have decided to make a December visit for the Saint Philothea
      Project. Please consider preparing a gift boxes for a poor or
      neglected child. The Post office has made our job a bit easier. They
      have a flat rate box. It is good size for Christmas gifts. Saint
      Philothea Project's goal of 500 boxes filled with Christmas gifts for
      boys or girls from newborn to 14 years. Each box will be given to one

      What should You put in the Box?
      Children in Romania are smaller than in America so only the small
      and medium sizes are needed.
      Toothbrush and toothpaste
      Comb/brush for hair
      A small Icon will be nice
      A Non-Battery toy or two good for the age of the child
      OTC Cold medicine for children - poor children suffer colds and flue
      with no relief
      Some candy
      Anything you would like to put in the box to make it a personal
      gift from your hand to the hand of a poor orthodox child.

      Saint Philothea Project needs the boxes before December 15 to insure
      hand delivery before Christmas
      Please pray and consider what you and your parish friends can do for
      your souls and the comfort of the poor in the household of GOD.

      At Your Service
      Timothy Farrell
      Saint Philothea Project
      2004 E. Whitmer St.
      Decatur, Il 652521
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