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7864Securitate cleansing in the Romanian Orthodox Church

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  • Bill Samsonoff
    Sep 1, 2007

      Securitate cleansing in the Romanian Orthodox Church

      The new Metropolitan Bishop of the Romanian Orthodox Church is to be
      elected in September. A list of names of candidates and members of
      the church commission who allegedly collaborated with the Securitate,
      Romania's communist secret police, is currently circulating.
      According to Sabina Fati, this casts a suspicious light on
      yesterday's meeting between Daniel Ciobotea, Metropolitan of Moldova,
      and government representatives at a cloister in Secu: "This
      apparently innocent meeting between leading representatives of church
      and state suggests negotiations that go beyond the traditional
      interaction between church and politics... According to the
      Tismaneanu-Report, the two previous patriarchs, Iustin Moisescu and
      Teoctist Arapasu, only made it to 'the top of the Orthodox Church
      because they were loyal to the Communist Party.' The Orthodox Church
      now has the chance to break with this sinister tradition. But it will
      only succeed if it doesn't try to cover up all its sins through
      secret negotiations and arrangements such as those which just took
      place at Secu."
      Romania Libera