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7490Christian politics has a future in Russia

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  • Bill Samsonoff
    Jun 6 5:17 AM

      05 June 2007, 16:55
      Christian politics has a future in Russia - Moscow Patriarchate

      Moscow, June 5, Interfax - There is a future for Christian politics
      in Russia, a spokesman for the Russian Orthodox Church said.

      'A number of attempts has been made in Russia to create Orthodox and
      broader Christian political unions. They all generally failed because
      we are all allergic to autocratic leadership,' the vice-chairman of
      the Moscow Patriarchate Department for External Church Relations
      Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin said as he participated in the Orthodox
      Encyclopedia TV program.

      Christian politics, he added, 'will grow in Russia, and maybe will
      take not the way of a distinctively Christian political force, but
      the way of Christians becoming intrinsic to various political forces.'

      'This way is more complex and less clear. But I think it is emerging
      in Russia gradually,' Fr. Vsevolod said.

      According to him, the Church's objective in her relations with a
      broader world is not to agitating for one or another political party:
      'It was what the Church meant when she said through her episcopate
      that she stayed above political strife, which is always society-divisive.'

      'The purpose of the Church is to grow up the human being in such a
      manner that when voting he or she could be responsive to the
      spiritual values expressed by spiritual politics,' he said.