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6947In Beijing's Russian Embassy Red Fangzi first week of Lenten Services took place

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  • Nelson Mitrophan Chin
    Feb 28, 2007

      February 24, 2007

      English translation by Igor Radev

      In Beijing's Russian Embassy Red Fangzi the first week of Lenten
      Services took place

      At the Orthodox parish of the Dormition of Most Holy Mother of God on
      the grounds of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in PRC in the
      city of Beijing during the entire first week of Great Lent, Divine
      Services were celebrated in the Red Fangzi building. On an invitation
      from the parishioners, priest Alexy Kiselevich from Shanghai arrived.

      February 19-22—on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of the first
      week, the evening service was celebrated accompanied with the reading
      of the Great Canon of Repentance by St Andrew of Crete. The services
      were attended by the employees of the Russian Embassy in the People's
      Republic of China as well as by the Orthodox believers living in Beijing.

      Simultaneously, this week in China was marked by mass celebration of
      the Chinese New Year, causing the evening services in the Red Fangzi
      to be held under the unceasing noise of firecrackers and fireworks.

      On Tuesday during the first week, the regular class was held dedicated
      to Lent of the adult Sunday School. Fr Alexy was invited to the class
      where he addressed the various questions of those participating in the
      School concerning the importance of fasting in the life of the faithful.

      On Friday evening of the first week, Fr Alexy also heard confessions.
      On Saturday, on the commemoration day (February 17/24) of St Theodore
      the Tyron and the Iveron Icon of the Mother of God, a Divine Liturgy
      was celebrated during which sixty people received Holy Communion. This
      week, many children attended the Services. In the first week, Fr Alexy
      performed the Sacrament of Baptism on two children of Russian Embassy

      After the Divine Service on Saturday, the faithful were given
      decorated editions of a children's Bible. The Service was followed by
      a tea serving with some fast keeping cakes.

      Unfortunately, Orthodox Chinese still do not have an opportunity of
      observing Church prayers due to the lack of a church building in Beijing.

      Keeping with the tradition of marking the beginning of Lent with good
      deeds, this week in the Orthodox community of Beijing donations were
      being gathered for an orphanage in Moscow district.