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6044Come Receive the Light Program Schedule - September 2006

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  • Bill Samsonoff
    Aug 31, 2006

      Come Receive the Light Program Schedule - September 2006

      August 31, 2006

      Schedule of Programs for September 2006

      Topic: Same Sex Attraction Today
      Guest: Fr. Thomas Hopko

      What is the interpretation of the Orthodox Christian Church on the issue of
      same sex marriage? Be sure to join Fr. Chris and Emmy when they speak to
      Fr. Thomas Hopko who will delve into this sensitive issue from a pastoral
      approach and help define human identity verses sexual fulfillment.

      Topic: An Orthodox Christian Perspective on Islam
      Guest: Archimandrite Daniel B.D. Byantoro

      Archimandrite Daniel B. D. Byantoro understands Islam, Christianity, and
      the differences between them. Be sure to tune in and listen to this
      respected Orthodox leader share the fruit of his life's journey on topics
      relating to Islam and Islam's interaction with Christians and the West.

      Topic: An Effective Prayer Life
      Guest: Fr. Roman Braga

      Fr. Roman Braga returns to our program with a conversation on the
      importance of effective prayer. You will be surprised to learn that prayer
      is not necessarily formulated but is rather spontaneous. Fr. Braga brings
      insight through his own life experience with the power of prayer. Above all
      prayer is a way to re-establish a connection with God. Be sure to tune in
      to a spiritually uplifting program.

      Topic: Orthodox Treasured Traditions
      Guest: Presbytera Mary Paloumpis Hallick, Ed.D

      Have you ever wonder where we get certain traditions and customs in the
      Orthodox Christian faith? Why do we break eggs after the Resurrection
      service? Why do we use Koliva for the memorial services? Be sure to join
      Fr. Chris and Emmy when they speak with Presbytera Mary Hallich, author of
      Treasured Traditions and Customs of the Orthodox Church as Presbytera Mary
      shares her insight and knowledge of different traditions and customs within
      the various Orthodox Christian Churches.

      Topic: Orthodox Christian Literature
      Guest: Fr. Richard Rene

      Join Fr. Chris and Emmy as they speak with Fr. Richard Rene, author of
      Children's short stories and books. He will help clarify what elements are
      necessary for good Orthodox children's literature. Be sure to listen as Fr.
      Rene gives us the tools of discernment needed to judge symbolism, images
      and elements of good and evil in children's literature.

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