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5212"... monasteries often serve to incite and propagate errors"

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  • Nina Tkachuk Dimas
    Apr 6 1:08 PM

      Metropolitan Sergiy (Fomin) of Voronezh acknowledges that monasteries often serve to incite and propagate errors

      [Summary: Eighty novices and nuns attended a 2nd meeting of monastics in the Veronezh Diocese on April 3rd. Monks, novices and celibate clerics met a week earlier. One of the Metropolitan Sergiy's aims in holding these meetings was to strengthen ecclesiastical control over “uncanonical tendencies”: rejecting passports, pensions and the UPC (universal product code); not participating in censuses; venerating Rasputin and Ivan the Terrible as if they were sainted; calling for national repentance for regicide. The metropolitan emphasized that such matters are “raised by people distant from Orthodox spirituality".
      The Metropolitan directed them not to use prayer books which refer to Nicholas II as “the redeemer” and warned them against the temptation to search for “super-spiritual directors” (“superdukhovnik”) who can obscure Christ in the mind of an inexperienced believer.]

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