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3456Russian Orthodoxy disavows Soviet-era document

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  • aggreen1
    Jul 1, 2005
      From the AP Newswire:

      Russian Orthodoxy disavows Soviet-era document in step toward reunion
      with foreign church

      MOSCOW (AP) - The Russian Orthodox Church has disavowed a Soviet-era
      declaration of loyalty to the Communist government, a step that could
      help bring reunion with an emigre church that has been separate since

      The New York-based Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia severed
      contacts with the Moscow-based church after Patriarch Sergiy issued
      the loyalty declaration in 1927.

      The Moscow Patriarchate has said Sergiy did this to save the church
      from ruin, but a new document on its Web site says the declaration
      was among documents that "do not express the true voice of the Church
      of Christ (and) are deemed no longer valid."

      The Web site presented several documents drafted by delegates of the
      Moscow Patriarchate and the foreign church and approved by their
      respective synods.

      The two churches set up working groups on reunification issues after
      a 2003 visit to Russia by three archbishops of the foreign church and
      a 2004 visit by its head, Metropolitan Laurus.

      The documents went further than ever before toward apology by the
      Moscow Patriarchate for Soviet-era compromises with the state.

      "Some clergymen and laypersons, trampling upon divine truth,
      facilitated the persecutors in their actions directed toward the
      destruction of the church," said a posted document. "Such actions
      cannot under any circumstances be permitted and justified: they
      deserve all condemnation."