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32Halki Theology School

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  • Fr. John-Brian
    Feb 3, 2004
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      Istanbul, 31 January 2004

      Halki Theology School
      Turkish Minister of Education Hussein Tselik stated that works are
      underway at the Ministry for the reopening of the Halki Theology
      School and that there are no obstacles for its functioning under the
      control of the state.

      Mr. Tselik made these statements to the Turkish press in Istanbul,
      after his visit to the Fanari where he attended a dinner held by
      Ecumenical Patriarch Varthlomeos, for the celebration of the 550th
      anniversary of the founding of another Patriarchal School, the Great
      School of the Nation, which was also attended by the Greek Minister
      of Education, Petros Efthymiou.

      The Turkish Minister stressed that the Patriarch had informed him of
      the problem regarding the Theology School, and added: "There were
      works regarding what should be done, what the legal infrastructure
      is and why this issue has been pending for so many years. I think
      that we will be able to come to result in a short period of time".

      In fact, the Greek Minister stated that a joint committee should be
      formed and negative comments should be taken out of school books as
      soon as possible.