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31Saint Basil Academy to Continue Normal Operation

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  • Rev. Fr. John-Brian Paprock
    Feb 3, 2004

      Saint Basil Academy to Continue Normal Operation

      January 30, 2004

      New York, NY – New York, NY - The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of
      America and Saint Basil Academy announced today that the Academy will
      continue normal operation until further notice and will not be
      affected at this time by the recent decision by the New York State
      Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) to deny the Academy an
      operating license. The children of Saint Basil's will continue
      residency at the Academy and attend school in the Garrison School

      On January 2, 2004 the OCFS informed the Academy that its application
      to operate a residential childcare facility was denied and indicated
      that the children had to be removed from the Academy by January 31.
      The Archdiocese and Saint Basil Academy appealed that decision and
      requested an administrative hearing with the OCFS which is the
      Academy's right under law. In order to protect and properly care for
      the welfare of the children, the Archdiocese and the Academy
      requested that the OCFS postpone any action to enforce its decision
      until such time as there is a final determination regarding the
      Academy's appeal.

      In a letter dated January 26, the OCFS agreed to postpone any action
      at this time against the Academy and the children of Saint Basil's
      pending the appeal. The OCFS letter stated "we understand the
      concerns that have been expressed about the disruptive effect on the
      children who are presently living at Saint Basil and the desire to
      maintain stability for those children.

      The Archdiocese and Saint Basil Academy will continue to aggressively
      pursue both the legal right for the Academy to operate and the rights
      of the children to maintain residency at the Academy and attend the
      Garrison District Schools as they have done so in the past.