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22203Patriarch: Catholics and Russian Orthodox uphold ‘the same Gospel values’ -

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  • Bill Samsonoff
    Dec 4, 2015

      Patriarch: Catholics and Russian Orthodox uphold ‘the same Gospel values’ -

      December 04, 2015

      The head of the Russian Orthodox Church met with two Catholic priests on
      December 2 and expressed appreciation for the work of the Catholic
      Church in Italy.

      Patriarch Kirill told the prior and administrator of Basilica of St.
      Nicholas in Bari that “Bari is a sacred place for Orthodox Christians
      like Mount Athos or holy sites in Palestine” and that “theologians
      discussing theological issues sitting at the table is one thing, but
      people contacting our brothers in the West, moreover at the holy site,
      is quite another matter. It is very important not only maintain our
      relations on theological level, but also to feel one another in our hearts.”

      “The success of your mission among the Italians is important not only
      for them,” he continued. “It is very important for the development and
      strengthening of relations between our Churches. Therefore we appreciate
      that the Catholic Church is upholding the same Gospel values as the
      Russian Orthodox Church.”