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2177Church plans to hold sign language services

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  • Bill Samsonoff
    Dec 4, 2004
      2004.12.04 Kathimerini:
      Church plans to hold sign language services

      More than two months after its revolutionary decision to conduct Bible
      readings in Modern Greek, the Church of Greece is now planning to start
      services in sign language, Archbishop Christodoulos said yesterday.

      The head of the highly conservative Greek Orthodox Church told a delegation
      of disabled people's unions that a series of seminars on learning sign
      language was launched last year, and will be continued this year to enable
      clergymen to conduct services for deaf congregations.

      The archbishop also said all parishes have been instructed to improve
      church accessibility for the disabled. "Wherever this is not yet the case,
      it is due to technical difficulties that we are trying to overcome as fast
      as possible," he said.
      In September, Athens churches started services in Modern Greek, for people
      unfamiliar with the original Ancient Greek texts. One also offers English