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20781Ancient Serbian Monastery Receiving Threats from Albanians Again: CALIPHATE is COMING, KLA, ISIS

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  • Bill Samsonoff
    Oct 12, 2014

      The Ancient Serbian Monastery Receiving Threats from Albanians Again:
      Posted on October 12, 2014 by Grey Carter

      The facilities within Decani monastery have been vandalized again! The
      “unknown persons” wrote the grafiti: ISIS ( the Islamic State of Iraq
      and Syria) , ” Chaliphate is coming ” , ” UCK ” ( so called Kosovo
      Liberation Army ) , ” Aksha ” ( Albanian National Army ), etc.

      The threats have been printed in red and black ( national symbol of
      Albania), followed by graffiti in Arabic as well.

      The grafitti were observed on the monastery facility about 300 meters
      from the monastery church , while others are printed at facilities
      within 500 meters.

      Kosovo police (KPS) and KFOR (NATO in Kosovo i Metohija) was immediately
      informed about this threat, and they arrived at the scene. During the
      investigation, attended by abbot Sava Janjic and local KFOR commander
      Lieutenant Colonel Angelo Mineo , a group of Albanians from a distance
      of about a hundred meters a few minutes chanted ” UCK , UCK …” Three
      young men from this group have been detained.

      Today’s incident comes several days after the incident at Peć
      Patriarchate gate where a Wahhabi person (identified as (Alegorik
      Muhamed Beqiri born in 1992 from Skenderaj/Srbica, with residence in
      Peć/Peja) attacked and injured a local Kosovo policeman shouting “Alah
      u-Akbar”. On that occasion the Church learned that this man and his
      companions had allegedly threatened the Catholic nuns in Peć a few days
      before telling them that they would be slaughtered.

      Dečani monks informed KFOR two months ago that they could see four
      vehicles full of bearded men dressed in Wahhabi style passing by the
      monastery on their way to the Dečani gorge. They returned soon to Dečani

      Today’s incident also comes five months after some unknown individuals
      left UCK graffiti on one of the Monastery gates. Although the graffiti
      this time were written further away from the Monastery compound, Decani
      monks nevertheless remain very concerned because this incident shows
      that there is a possibility of an unauthorized access to the area in
      which the brothers work in the gardens and take care of our cattle every

      In the recent weeks KFOR has increased the security around the Monastery
      with random patrols as additional element of protection to the existing
      checkpoints. KFOR has also mediated in a few projects that should
      improve the relations with the local community. This latest incident
      comes as a step back for all.

      This is just continuation of constant threats and attacks on the Serbian
      monastery; the last similar attack occured in April, when the Kosovo
      police have reported that an unidentified man, presenting himself as the
      Kosovo Liberation Army commander, called a local television station and
      said that an attack on the monastery was being prepared “within two days.”

      No surprise since the Albanians are, with Bosnian Muslims, the greatest
      supporters of ISIS/IDIL and NATO produced Islamic fanatism worldwide.
      Hundreds of them are fighting in Syria vs. Assad, and in Iraq as ISIS
      volunteers and “holy warriors”.