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20375Ban on women's access to Mount Athos is not subject to cancellation

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  • Nina Tkachuk Dimas
    Aug 5, 2014
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      Ban on women's access to Mount Athos is not subject to cancellation
       " In Greek media actively discussed topic cancellation "Avaton"
       ATHENS. During the last days after publication in the newspaper "Orfodoksos Typos" ("Orthodox Printing") in the Greek media to actively discuss the possible cancellation of "Avaton" - a centuries-old ban on women visiting the Holy Mountain.
      According to the author of the publication "Orfodoksos Typos" Greece in the near future will be required to allow access to Mount Athos to girls in connection with the decision of the X General Assembly of the World Council of Churches (Busan, South Korea, October 2013) on the abolition of all existing prohibitions and restrictions on visit the holy places, belonging to one or other Christian denominations.
      Due to a misunderstanding the Head of Delegation Hellenic Orthodox Church at the General Assembly in Busan Metropolitan Chrysostomos of Messinia officially denied the rumors about the cancellation "Avaton".
      He said that "The Holy Mountain is owned by its settlers in, and without their permission, no one has the right to come back."
      Moreover, "Avaton" Holy Mountain is recognized by international law and specifically provided when entering Greece in the European Union, the agency "Amen."

      Запрет на доступ женщин на Святую Гору Афон отмене ...
      В греческих СМИ активно обсуждается тема отмены "аватона"
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