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20Russian Orthodox society intends to build a church in Cuba

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  • Al Green
    Feb 2, 2004
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      Russian Orthodox society intends to build a church in Cuba
      01/30/2004 16:27

      "An overwhelming majority of Orthodox residents are natives of the
      nations situated at the canonical territories of the Russian Orthodox
      Church of Russia, Ukraine and Byelorussia," states the declaration of
      the Union of Orthodox citizens.

      "Interfax" received the text yesterday.

      There no more than fifty parishioners at the Constantinople
      Patriarchy, informs the document. However, it was this particular
      Patriarchy that initiated the opening of the church right in the
      center of Havana. The Patriarchy has been officially welcomed by the
      country's leader Fidel Castro.

      Authors of the declaration reminded Cuban authorities that the
      country has not provided Moscow's Patriarchy with neither a church
      nor a simple room. Therefore, they have no other choice but to
      conduct services at the Russian Trade Mission building.

      Russian Orthodox believers expressed their anger and frustration at
      Cuban authorities. "They simply ignore and humiliate thousands of
      Orthodox Slavs, who have been slaving for Cuba for decades while
      developing the country's industry, army and power engineering."

      Russian Union of Orthodox residents regarded the Patriarchy's
      connection with the opening of the Orthodox Church as a continuation
      of "the split of Orthodoxy in Estonia and a slight flirting with the
      idea of possible split in Ukraine."

      "Why don"t they proceed with the mission in the regions where
      Orthodoxy is not a practicing religion?"

      Authors of the declaration deny comments of several media sources
      regarding the fact that the Constantinople Patriarchy represents the
      main headquarters for about three hundred millions of Orthodox
      Christians worldwide.

      "A pompous meeting of Patriarch Varfolomei I, escorted by a
      delegation of American Protestants and Cuban authorities somewhat
      resembles a challenge to Russia. Moscow has left Havana and Cuba
      turns to Washington with the Constantinople Patriarchy by its side.
      However, Orthodox Christians along with believers of the Russian
      Orthodox Church are the ones to suffer as a result of this Havana's
      demarche," declares the Union.

      Leaders of the Union plan to visit Cuban ambassador to Moscow
      personally in order to clarify the details of the case.

      Source: NewsRu