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19181Putin dismisses Orthodox church's position on homosexuals

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  • Bill Samsonoff
    Jan 31, 2014

      Religiiav Ukraine, 31 January 2014


      Putin dismisses Orthodox church's position on homosexuals


      Russian President Vladimir Putin in an interview given to a number of Russian and foreign television channels responded affirmatively to a request of a journalist asking him to confirm that he "is a genuine liberal and maintains liberal views."


      Commenting on the criticism heard in the west of a law prohibiting propaganda of homosexuality among minors, Putin called the critics to first resolve the problems "in their own house." "But how can they criticize us for our more—to put it mildly—liberal approach to these problems than exits in their own house?" the president declared, adding that in some states of USA there exist criminal liability for homosexuality. It should be noted that at the present in 14 states of USA laws directed against homosexuals have not been rescinded, although in 2003 their implementation was prohibited by the Supreme Court of USA.


      Putin also expressed the opinion that the law prohibiting propaganda of homosexuality "does not harm anybody." He said that homosexuals in Russia "are not discriminated against in any way, neither in their professional identity nor in career development nor in recognition on the part of society." Putin also cited the example of Elton John, who in Russia "is loved sincerely, despite his orientation."


      The president also stated that he is not surprised by the position of the Russian Orthodox Church, which is proposing to introduce criminal liability for homosexuality. Such a harsh attitude toward same-sex love is characteristic of practically all traditional religions. At the same time Putin emphasized that in Russia the church is separated from the state, whose actions do not depend upon the opinion of RPTs.


      The president of RF also added that homosexuals who are planning to attend the Olympiad in Sochi may not fear anything, emphasizing that in Russia all people are equal "regardless of their religion, sex, ethnic identity, or sexual orientation." (tr. by PDS, posted 31 January 2014)