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18310Bishops kidnapped in Syria are still alive

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  • Nina Tkachuk Dimas
    Aug 6, 2013

      Bishops kidnapped in Syria are still alive
      The Orthodox Metropolitan of Aleppo, Paul, and Syro-Jacobite Bishop Mark Gregory Juhani Ibrahim are likely in Turkey 
      DAMASCUS. The bishops kidnapped in Syria bishops - Orthodox Metropolitan of Aleppo Paul (Yazigi) and the Syro-Jacobite Bishop Mark Gregory Juhani Ibrahim are alive in Turkey, writes the portal InSerbia.Info citing al-Alam.
      The Website gives evidence of a British diplomat, who requested anonymity, saying that he had received information from U.S. Representative Charlie Dent. Вооруженные группировки, связанные с Сирийским национальным советом (Стамбул) и Братьями-мусульманами, держат епископов в плену в Турции, сказал дипломат. Armed groups associated with the Syrian National Council (Istanbul) and the Muslim Brotherhood, the bishops are holding the bishops captive in Turkey, the diplomat said.

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