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18302Priest Pavel AdelgeIm murdered

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  • Nina Tkachuk Dimas
    Aug 5 12:38 PM

      Priest Pavel Adelgeimwas murdered in Pskov by an ​​insane Muscovite named Pchelintsev  
      This past evening [8/5/13] in Pskov on Krasnogorsk street,  near the church of Constantine and Helen, the corpse of the Orthodox priest Pavel Adelgeimwas found dead --  with stab wounds.
      A 27-year-old mentally ill resident of Moscow named Pchelintsev lived for two days in Father Pavel's home , at the request of a woman from Moscow. In the evening, during a conversation in the kitchen, he grabbed a knife and struckFather Pavel in the abdomen, and then hit himself with a knife twice. Not fatally.Currently Pchelintsev is in hospital. He's underoing surgery.
      In an interview with DOJD' [Rain] Pskov representative said that Fr. Adelgein's  murder is of the same magnitude as that of Fr. Alexander Men'.

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