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18225Sergei Byhkov: 3rd act of Kiev tragedy on eve of 1025 anniversary of Rus' baptism

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  • Nina Tkachuk Dimas
    Jul 19 1:03 PM
      [Unedited machine translation]
      [Russian] http://www.portal-credo.ru/site/print.php?act=news&id=102304

      07/19/2013 22:00
      THOUGHTS: Sergey Bychkov. The bets have been made, GENTLEMEN The third act of the tragedy of Kiev on the eve of 1025th anniversary of the Baptism of Rus'

      A week had passed since the publication of the second part of our Ukrainian tragedy called "Shakespeare in Ukrainian" . During that time there have been significant events. First, the primate of the UOC-MP, Metropolitan Vladimir (Sabodan), arrived in Odessa, suddenly turned to reporters with a frank word. He said that over the 17 years of service to his secretary, Archbishop Alexander (Drabinko), he did not have any claim to it. Secondly, it seems, Ukrainian authorities have decided on the successor to the primate of the UOC-MP. And passed the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra church that already 75 objects!
      And yet one should observe a certain order, which dictates the genre of tragedy. The main character, around which the passions inflamed by the day, Bishop Vladimir (Sabodan), made it clear that he would not voluntarily leave the chair of the Metropolitan of Kiev and, especially, to put his responsibilities as Primate of the Ukrainian Church. It is important to understand and follow though the main milestones of the life path of Metropolitan Volodymyr.
      I do not think he needs apologist. On it is written and published many books and it is no secret that today in Ukraine there is no bishop, who had been so weighty authority and could stand next to him. His church loves people, in solidarity with him the young bishops and a large part of the clergy. Those who have studied at the Moscow Theological Academy during principalship Bishop Vladimir, remember that the door to his office was always open. In a literal sense. Any seminarian or student academic could come to him and to share their joys and concerns. So he stayed.
      Every believer knew that until such time as the lord broke his hip, he regularly at 9 am, go for a walk. Usually, he slowly walked around the monastery, and the route was known for his walks. Sometimes it is accompanied by a sub-deacon, but most often walked one. To him came the faithful. And not just in order to get a blessing. Came to him in the event of disaster - fire or disease. And he never denied financial aid.Always remembered the words of Christ: "It is more blessed to give than to take!" For this faithful people surrounded him with love. To some it may seem that I idealize Metropolitan Vladimir, trying not to create a living image and icon. In fact, I share your impressions, because I know the lord of nearly 30 years.
      Of course, he is not an angel, published "dirt" on him. But among his colleagues, particularly chicks "Nikodimov nest", he highlighted the simplicity of prayer and desire as soon as possible to arrange a durable life of the Church entrusted to him. In addition, he is a patriot of Ukraine.Today, one could point to a number of its tactical and human error, but it is easy to criticize - much harder to lead ship of the Church of the stormy waves.
      On the eve of the Trinity was a meeting of Metropolitan Volodymyr Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych. At this meeting, attended by a limited number of witnesses, so we have to restore a mosaic of the important conversation. The essence of the meeting came down to the fact that the president as a parishioner of the UOC MP, questioned why the Secretary of the Metropolitan - Archbishop Alexander (Drabinko) - has not yet been removed from all posts and sent out to a foreign parish.Metropolitan Vladimir politely inquired whether the prosecution brought against the ruler Alexander? Moved whether he is from a witness in the status of the accused? Do the nuns found the kidnappers? And be whether the fact of abduction, as the nuns are constantly confused about the testimony? Did you find Natalia Panko? How is the effect? On all these issues, Metropolitan Vladimir has not received clear answers. And when Yanukovych asked why the primate not made it
      known what happened to Moscow, he replied that the investigation of what is happening around Bishop Alexander - primarily the task of law enforcement agencies of Ukraine and the Ukrainian internal affair of the Church. Apparently, such a firm stance prompted the secular authorities to continue harboring Archbishop Alexander and begin looking for a successor intractable Metropolitan Vladimir.
      As we know, the role of Iago's claim and successfully performed its up to the last time the Metropolitan Vyshgorodskiy Chernobyl and Paul (Lebid).Favorable attention of the authorities inspired his series of interviews in which he told the nation and the world about their exploits endless: "Of the 25 years I am 20 years in a monastery, responsible before God and the people for life and work of this famous monastery. And you will see better what has changed. First we settling for less - just to be able to enter into the temple, to rescue from a state museum object, to prove that there is no God. Now coming to the issue of the flow of monastic life seriously, restoring the temples, which over the years managed to return the monastery, make the necessary repairs that have accumulated over the Soviet era, painted temples. Look, what are the Nativity of the Virgin, Annozachatievskaya church, Holy Cross church, the Church of All Monks Caves, the church of St.
      Sergius of Radonezh. now being renovated Refectory Church of Saint Anthony and Theodosius, who popularly called the Refectory Church. paint the Assumption Cathedral, rebuilt from the ruins of a few years ago. And, of course, over the years have resulted in the proper order in camera housing, which
      before they were living a communal apartment in the so-called communal.Can you imagine, in which they were able to - all killed. "It is clear that without Paul Kiev-Pechersk Lavra would have long ago come to desolation. He modestly silent about what the giant state funds invested in the restoration of the Lavra churches and their decoration. Coe in What lord disingenuous - painting of the Assumption Cathedral completed. And the Assumption Cathedral was rebuilt from the ruins 15 years ago Ukrainian state. The state has invested only in the restoration of the bell tower of the Lavra 76 million hryvnia!
      But back to Bishop Alexander, who continues to reside in the actual custody, unable to communicate with Metropolitan Vladimir, with brothers and family. He can not use a telephone or computer. He is being held in complete isolation, explaining that agents Natalia Panko can detect it and deal with it.
      What is alleged against him? What rumors are spread about him?
      Idle minds slander that he aspired to own enrichment and, therefore, supported the Panko. But at the same time forget that he was the first to the police and the prosecutor's office on fraud Panko. Granted he some kind of mistake? Absolutely!
      Let us not forget that Ukraine is dominated by four major Christian denominations. UOC-KP president Kravchuk was given the Prince Vladimir Cathedral, which became a cathedral. Greek Catholics built on the banks of the Dnieper majestic Cathedral of the Resurrection. UAOC is in a magnificent temple for Andreevskom. Does not have its own cathedral only the UOC-MP. A few years ago, has been allocated land for the construction of the Cathedral of the UOC MP. The architects have created a magnificent project, which was approved by both the secular and the church levels. But the construction progressed very slowly due to lack of funds. Archbishop Alexander was a motor and a think tank for the construction of a new cathedral. He believed that any funds will help bring the completion of the construction. So trust Natalia Panko. But not all the money was still talking about St. Seraphim of Sarov Church can accept.There is dirty money, which bring only
      One may ask: why UOC cathedral, when she has a magnificent Cathedral of the Dormition Monastery? Resolution of the Ukrainian government two decades ago in the Assumption Cathedral in the equal right to serve all three major Churches of Ukraine. Therefore, to prevent the "splitters" in the Assumption Cathedral, Metropolitan Vladimir ordered the scaffolding put there and do not rush into paintings. Therefore, in the great feasts of the Liturgy at the Cathedral on the platform, not the inside. But the main temple of Kiev - Saint Sophia Cathedral - owned by the state and has the status of a museum-reserve. Although it could very rarely performed worship. But today the main pain Ukrainian tragedy in another.
      Metropolitan Vladimir suffers from Parkinson's disease and he needs constant skilled nursing care. Holy Synod of the UOC's secretary was obliged to monitor the health of the primate. Not only the lord Alexander followed the health of Metropolitan Volodymyr. He actively helped one of the most influential members of the Verkhovna Rada, and other well-wishers. Today, medicine is successfully fighting the disease. But Metropolitan Vladimir - monk; relatives who could care for it, no. The only person who was not only his personal secretary, but also followed the routine of his days of medication, doing the necessary medical procedures, today forcibly torn away from the old, the sick person, which is limited in movement, but keeps the sane mind. Archbishop Alexander played is obedience to the Holy Synod, not only as a monk, but also driven by a sincere love. Those who are sick elderly relatives know how heavy this burden.
      Forcible retention of Bishop Alexander's safe houses aimed primarily at making the days shorten life Primate of the UOC-MP. And that romp, which has already begun in anticipation of 1025th anniversary of the Baptism of Russia around the throne of the primate, can lead to this tragedy. The intervention of government agencies in the life of the Church has most often been disastrous. Split, tearing today once united Ukrainian Church detrimental effect on the souls of men. Even the Metropolitan Paul, so organically entered the role of Iago, said: "Coming to the service of the Church, it is necessary to have a soul in love with God and deep repentance, and do not feel in the Church of the owner. Sometimes I read the" revelations "of the Internet, where write, saying that such priests, the priests syakie. Which is just mud not water there is the Church and priests! And as a result - a priest today - it's so humiliating that sometimes lose heart ... ". The
      authority of the Orthodox Church falls today, not only in Ukraine but also in Greece, and Russia. And then there's the hot embrace of the state. That and look - as if smothered in a fit of love ...
      To be continued.
      In the photo: "And was it a girl?" - "Kidnapped" abbess of Pokrovsky monastery in Kyiv Kallisfeniya.

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