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  • OrthodoxNews@yahoogroups.com
    Jun 9, 2013
      Dear Fellow Orthodox Christian and other friends,

      Welcome to the Orthodox Christian News at yahoo groups.

      We are a clearinghouse of news articles, announcements and related information about Orthodox Christianity. We encourage you to assist in the gathering. Keep in mind that the articles have to at least mention Orthodoxy or Orthodox Christian persons. Eastern Orthodox or Oriental Orthodox Churches are both included here.

      The articles can be:

      - News articles, national or international

      - Published op-ed pieces or editorials

      - Announcements of upcoming conferences,retreats and/or lectures

      The articles cannot be:

      - News articles without Orthodox Christianity (There may be many topics and articles of interest to Orthodox Christians, but we only accept those that are written by Orthodox Christians or otherwise include Orthodox Christianity.)

      - Devotional articles of scriptures, hymnography, the lives of saints, canons, or excerpts from books or lectures, unless they are included in a pertinent article. (There are several email lists that send out devotional material for Orthodox Christians and we encourage you to participate in them. However, they cannot be posted or re-posted here.)

      - Discussion (please take questions and comments on the articles posted here to one of the fine discussion forums on the internet.)

      Please encourage your friends and fellow church members to join this list and contribute to it for the edification of us all.

      Now that we have begun this Orthodox Christian News clearinghouse, we hope and pray for God's blessing upon this venture as we are unworthy servants.

      The moderators
      Bill Samsonoff
      Rev. Fr. John-Brian Paprock

      Pray for us!
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