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18045Fr. Nicholas (aka Nicolae) Iuhos

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  • Nina Tkachuk Dimas
    Jun 8, 2013
      On May 26th, a Google alert stated that Fr. Nicholas Iuhos was now on Facebook.   Today I got this link:
      "Chaplin Phebotomist Rev Nicolae Iuhos
      Canton, OH, USA"

      Has he become a phlebotomist? There is no info on the site. Who would let him go near them with a needle. He would probably take the last drop of blood, knowing him.

      Is he back to spelling his name *Nicolae*? Is Iuhos trying not to be found by using different spellings?  Has he given up the pretense of being a bishop?  Why is it that he served as RSK's representative in Moscow for such a very, very short time?

      BTW the misspelling of phlebotomist is interesting. If it was a real site, wouldn't you think they'd  know how to spell it correctly.  And why doesn't Iuhos know to to spell "chaplain"?


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