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17974Putin invited Pat. Theophilos to join Baptism of Russia celebrations

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  • Nina Tkachuk Dimas
    May 27, 2013

      27 May 2013, 17:58
      Putin invites Patriarch Theophilos to join
      Baptism of Russia celebrations
      Sochi, May 27, Interfax - President Vladimir Putin received
      Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia and Patriarch Theophilos of the Holy
      City of Jerusalem and all Palestine at his residence in Sochi on

      Putin invited Patriarch Theophilos to join celebrations of the
      1025th anniversary of the Baptism of Russia. "I hope to see you during
      celebrations of the 1025th anniversary of the Baptism of Russia," Putin said. He
      wished the patriarch of Jerusalem "a useful stay in Russia." The patriarch of
      Jerusalem has never been in Russia on a visit.

      Putin also thanked
      Patriarch Theophilos for supporting Russia's initiative to build a hotel for
      pilgrims on the bank of the Jordan River.

      Russians have maintained very
      good relations with Jerusalem, Putin said. He also spoke about traditionally
      cordial and strong ties between the Moscow and Jerusalem

      Patriarch Kirill in turn said that Theophilos's visit was
      of great importance, noting that, "this meeting will definitely promote
      relations between the two patriarchates."

      The Russian patriarch also said
      that these contacts will hopefully "facilitate all the good initiatives Russia
      has been implementing for the sake of peace in the Middle East."

      "It is
      very important that peace, prosperity and tranquility set in the Holy Land,
      blessed by God's feet," the Patriarch Kirill said.

      Patriarch Theophilos
      said his visit to Russia was of great historical significance. "This visit is a
      seal that cements relations between our churches, and between the godly Russian
      people and the godly people of Palestine," he said.

      On behalf of the
      Christians of Jordan, Palestine and the Brotherhood of the Holy Sepulcher,
      Patriarch Theophilos thanked Putin "for an active interest in the Holy Land and
      its sacred places, and in the cause of peace in the Middle East."

      recent visit to Israel, Palestine and Jordan "is of enormous importance from the
      political and religious points of view," he said.

      "We pray for you as a
      leader who attaches primary importance to the cause of strengthening human and
      Orthodox values," he told Putin.

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