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17973Agreement Signed Between the Theological Seminaries of the Armenian and the Russian Orthodox Churches

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  • John Brian
    May 27, 2013
      Agreement Signed Between the Theological Seminaries of the Armenian and the
      Russian Orthodox Churches

      by OCP on May 24, 2013

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      On May 16, with the blessings of His Holiness Karekin II, Supreme Patriarch
      and Catholicos of All Armenians; and His Holiness Kirill I, Patriarch of
      Moscow and All Russia; an agreement of cooperation was signed between the
      Gevorkian Theological Seminary and the Moscow Theological Academy of the
      Russian Orthodox Church. The signing ceremony was held in the auditorium of
      the Gevorkian Seminary. On this occasion the a delegation from the Moscow
      Theological Academy visited Armenia, under the leadership of His Eminence
      Archbishop Eugene of Vereya, Chairman of the Academic Committee of the
      Russian Orthodox Church and Rector of the Moscow Theological Academy.

      The ceremony was opened with the Lord’s Prayer followed by the hymns of the
      Republic of Armenia, Russia, and the Gevorkian Theological Seminary. His
      Grace Bishop Gevorg Saroyan, Dean of the Gevorkian Theological Seminary and
      Rector of the Religious Educational Institutions of the Mother See of Holy
      Etchmiadzin; gave his opening remarks. “This day signifies yet another
      crucial juncture in the spiritual relations of a lifelong history between
      our nations, connected by faith, history, culture and a pure worldview. It
      is of utmost importance for us to educate the faithful servants of our
      church, as those are the people who will greatly contribute to the revival
      and prosperity of our Christian world through their devotion, faith and
      patriotism. We are positive that the agreement between the two institutes
      will contribute to the reinforcement and development of the relations
      between the seminaries and will open new horizons for future cooperation”,
      His Grace stated in part.

      His Eminence Archbishop Eugene, Rector of the Moscow Theological Seminary,
      stated in his remarks that the agreement was an important step towards
      forging stronger relations between the two Churches. He highlighted the
      importance of educating the youth and training the clergy, and reflected on
      reformations in education and the necessity of cooperation and exchanges of
      experience between the theological seminaries for accomplishing those goals.

      Within the scope of the agreement, collaboration is planned in the
      disciplines of humanitarian sciences, theological and spiritual education,
      as well as publications on education, science, and methodologies, and
      informational activities for advancing the field of humanitarian education.
      A mutual agreement was reached with the signed document for cultivating and
      investing complementary educational projects which will benefit from the
      experiences of the respective faculties, involving them in the process of
      planning and implementing educational projects within the individual
      disciplines or educational programs.

      Scientific events and research studies are planned to be held, an exchange
      of experiences on methodologies will be organized, as well as fostering the
      enhancement of qualifications of the faculties and educational technology.
      Also joint publications of scientific and educational literature will be
      prepared. After signing the agreement the choruses of the Moscow Theological
      Academy and Gevorkian Theological Seminary performed religious songs.

      The event came to a close with blessings from His Eminence Archbishop Nathan
      Hovhannisyan, Director of the Publishing Department of the Mother See of
      Holy Etchmiadzin, and Chairman of the Monastic Council of the Catholicosate
      of All Armenians.

      Present at the event were members of the brotherhood of the Mother See of
      Holy Etchmiadzin, the faculty, staff, and students from the Gevorkian
      Theological Seminary; Mr. Victor Krivopuskov, Advisor to the Russian Embassy
      in Armenia, Mr. Yuri Rodionov, First deputy of the Russian Border Guard
      Services in Armenia, and Lieutenant General Alexander Gvozdev, Assistant to
      the President of the Educational Committee of the Russian Orthodox Church.