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17949Amur pilgrims held first memorial service at Harbin Russian cemetery

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  • Nelson Mitrophan Chin
    May 23, 2013

      originally published in Russian by amur.info
      March 30, 2013

      English Translation by Nina Tkachuk Dimas

      Descendants of Russians in the Amur River region held first memorial service at the Russian cemetery in Harbin

      Today Amur pilgrims held a memorial service at the Harbin cemetery where Russian immigrants are buried. The Pilgrimage Service at the Blagoeschensk [Annunciation] Diocese began to work in May of last year. The "Orthodox Harbin" tour which acquaints participants with Christian landmarks of the most Russian city of China, became the most popular, and the current trip is the seventh.

      In addition to Harbin, the Amur pilgrims visited Christian holy places in Israel and Palestine. The delegation left for China on March 27; in Harbin the pilgrims visited the Orthodox churches and other historical sites of the city. "Taking part in the trips were residents of other regions, but this time, all 11 participants were from the Amur. After long negotiations the Chinese side for the first time allowed us to hold a memorial service at the Russian cemetery therefore, a priest accompanied the pilgrims to Harbin, " said Olga Anikin, the head of Amur.info pilgrimage service st the Blagoveschensk Diocese.