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17921Abandoned Orthodox Church in Turkey turned into drug addict den

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  • Nina Tkachuk Dimas
    May 16, 2013
      http://www.sedmitza.ru/text/3692963.html%c2%a0 (title + 2 paragraphs only)

      Abandoned Orthodox Church in Turkey turned into a den of drug addicts

      ANKARA.  The historic church in Menemeni, north-west of Izmir, where until the population exchange in 1922 was home to the largest Greek Orthodox community has become a den of criminal elements. Following the tragic events of that time the Greeks were forced to flee, leaving all that belonged to them in this land.
      An article in the Turkish newspaper "Millet" on May 5.  speaking about the causes of this deplorable state of affairs, the Church of St. Constantine in Menemeni, which, because of its historical and cultural significance, in recent years was restored in order to attract tourists -- primarily Greek descendants of immigrants from these places -- was gradually abandoned.

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