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17904Mt. Athos Monks Refuse to Be Taxed

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  • Nina Tkachuk Dimas
    May 13 7:26 PM
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      Mt. Athos Monks Refuse To Be Taxed
      By Andy
      Dabilis on May 12, 2013 in

      Leaders of the Holy Mountain on Mt. Athos are threatening to
      exclude politicians from their functions of the holy site for the
      100th anniversary of its incorporation into a state entity in October
      if it is not exempted from taxes forever.
      During a recent meeting with Prime Minister Antonis Samaras in Athens, the
      cleric leaders demanded the special status, but it was not publicized.
      A government representative, Takis Baltakos, was sent to meet the Mt. Athos
      officials and calm them while attending functions for the fare of St. George at
      the Xenophon Monastery and meet officials.
      “We made this clear to the Prime Minister as well, regardless of the fact it
      wasn’t publicized. We will not accept any politician in celebrations if this
      isn’t immediately solved and indeed with the legislative regulation that will
      stand forever,” a monastery official stated to the newspaper Ethnos.
      He added, “The discussion with the Prime Minister was vague but we are not
      satisfied by this. We want special commitments that will stand for life.
      He said that during the celebratory functions it will be stressed that Mt.
      Athos is self-governing. Last November, during the 100th anniversary
      of the liberation of the peninsula of the area from the Ottoman Empire at
      Karyes, the only government officials invited were naval Vice-Admiral Kosmas
      Christides and other naval officers.

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