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17883Head of UAOC Comments on Transfer of Two Bishops to UOC-KP

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  • Bill Samsonoff
    May 11, 2013

      Head of UAOC Comments on Transfer of Two Bishops to UOC-KP
      7 May 2013

      Metropolitan Mefodii (Kudriakov) of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox
      Church does not view the transfer of Bishops Ioan (Shvets) and Adrian
      (Kulyk) to the Kyivan Patriarchate as a tragedy. The church simply got
      rid of a ballast, the Primate said in an interview to Channel 5.

      In particular, the metropolitan reminded that Bishop Ioan of the
      Lviv-Sambir Eparchy of UAOC once was part of the Kyivan Patriarchate and
      when he expressed a wish to transfer to UAOC, they even doubted if it
      was worth while admitting him.

      “We admitted him, sent him to the Lviv Eparchy and gave him great
      opportunities. However, during his two years of service, he was not able
      to establish a single parish. He did not have anything there. He came to
      us without anything and left with God without anything. I can tell
      frankly, he did not transfer anyone. For he did not have anything,” he said.

      “We say when we admit anyone, and during church life we say: 'If you do
      not like it, leave with God!' Who needs ballast? Better to have five
      worthy persons than five hundred who are not sure what they want… The
      main thing for us is to preserve the ideology of UAOC. For it is the
      heart of independent Ukraine,” stressed the hierarch.

      As he commented on the situation in the Khmelnytsk Eprachy, the Primate
      said that Bishop Adrian had only a few parishes and, therefore, his
      transfer will not affect UAOC.