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17819Alleged child molester, bishop Kacave nda, “punished” by Serbian Orthodox Chu rch

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  • Bill Samsonoff
    Apr 27, 2013

      Thu, Apr 25th, 2013 By M. Stoiljkovic

      Alleged child molester, bishop Kacavenda, �punished� by Serbian
      Orthodox Church

      BELGRADE � Bishop of Zvornik and Tuzla, Vasilije Kacavenda, who has been
      retired by Serbian Orthodox Church, will leave his lavish palace in
      Bijeljina and move into a cell of the male monastery Vasilije Ostroski
      in the center of Bijeljina or monastery Sisatovac on Fruska Gora,
      reports news magazine �Kurir�.

      Kacavenda palace in Bijeljina, image credits: http://www.kurir-info.rs/

      Recently, after theaffair of sexual abuse of minors
      in which the bishop was allegedly involved and after news magazine
      �Kurir� has published part of the video on which, allegedly, bishop is
      kissing and enjoying a passionate moment with a boy, on Tuesday Synod of
      the Serbian Orthodox Church has stepped in and silently punished the
      bishop by retiring him and sending him to monastery.

      How will Kacavenda, after being used to hedonism and luxury feel to live
      in a modest monastery, without friends, going outs, modern
      technology and luxury � many wonder.

      The bishop has, in his palace in Bijeljina, enjoyed the most modern
      equipment for home, fireplace, hot tub, gold, antiques, servants and
      luxuries, of which an ordinary person can only dream of. The furniture
      in his home is made mostly of ivory, the salon is full of sculptures and
      artifacts, and his guests were served food in silver plates.

      It has been estimated that his �golden salon� is worth at least EUR
      300,000 ($390,000), and gilded mirror in it as much as EUR 20,000
      ($26,000). The total value of the bishop�s house in Bijeljina, as
      �Kurir� learned, is estimated to more than a EUR 1,000,000 ($1,300,000).

      Beauty in Kacavenda�s palace is seen only in movies. He loves music,
      especially jazz, and that is why he has one of the biggest collection of
      jazz records in the world, according to Kurir�s source.

      St. Vasilije monastery in Bijeljina, image credits:

      St. Vasilije monastery in Bijeljina, image credits:

      All this will now be a past for the bishop, as in the monastery he is
      going to, strict rules are applied. The monks at the monastery get up
      early in the morning, sometimes as early as 4 AM, they go to matins,
      spend hours praying to God, and then work in the monastery courtyard,
      garden or vineyard, if there is any. After the evening prayer, in the
      summer and before the night, the monks go to their modest cells and
      there they continue prayer until they fall asleep. Punished enough?

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