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17740Holy Resurrection/Kodiak is out of fuel!

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  • Bill Samsonoff
    Apr 8, 2013
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      Holy Resurrection Cathedral, Kodiak, Alaska had a special insert from
      Sunday's bulletin (Sunday of the Cross/Annunciation, April 7,
      2013) The text is below:

      No doubt you've noticed that it is chilly in the cathedral today. That
      is because we cannot afford the high cost of fuel oil.

      Why has this happened?
      Our expenses have not increased and we are well within the limits
      of our budget

      Fact is:
      Church tithing has seriously lessened.
      In fact if our tithing to the church doesn't increase we will be
      in debt soon.

      We are in very bad financial shape today because for a long time we have
      depended on a very few to pay the bills for the church. Now those who
      gave so much for so long have passed on, retired, or are retiring.... so
      that source of money has gone away while the expenses of our growing
      church will remain steady.

      Most cannot give large amounts of money that a few have given in the
      past. It is also true that when all of us give a piece of the little
      bits that we have every week, we will have more than enough money to
      turn up the heat and continue growing. Everyone needs to give a portion
      of what they have for the function of their church!

      If you have more - a steady job, dividend check, a business, an
      inheritance - think of your strong ambition for your church to survive
      in these hard times.

      The Parish Council and our priest in particular, have every confidence
      in every member of Holy Resurrection Cathedral. We are a generous,
      hard-working, faithful people who love God above all else. When all of
      us realize how desperate our situation is and how important our
      personal, weekly, sacrificial giving is to the future of the Cathedral,
      we will have more than enough money to continue the work Saint Herman

      Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/hrckodiak

      Email: hrc@...

      Parish Contacts
      Rev. Innocent Dresdow [Priest]
      410 Mission Rd
      Kodiak, AK 99615
      Home: 907-486-3854

      Igumen Ioasaph (Tucker)
      PO Box 5076
      Akhiok, AK 99615

      V. Rev. John Dunlop
      414 Mission Rd
      Kodiak, AK 99615
      Home: 907-486-0950

      Rev. Michael Nicolai
      Home: 907-549-2312

      Rev. Dn. Irenaios Anderson
      3471 Sean Cir
      Kodiak, AK 99615
      Home: 907-481-3027

      Rev. Dn. Nicodemus Myers
      PO Box 5144
      Pilot Station, AK 99650
      Home: 907-549-3915

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