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17730Fr. Gerasim Eliel

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  • Nina Tkachuk Dimas
    Apr 6, 2013

      [The letter does not state that it was posted with the approval of the hierarch in charge of the DOS, Archbishop Nikon, -- or with the approval of the Synod of Bishops.]

      April 5, 2013

      3rd Friday of Great Lent

      Dear Brothers and Concelebrants, Faithful, and Friends,

      Christ is in our midst! 

      At last
      month's session of the Holy Synod of the Orthodox Church in America, two
      men were vetted who might be potential episcopal candidates for our diocese.  It was the judgment of the Holy Synod that both men need
      more experience.  Therefore, we are taking steps to transfer one of these
      potential candidates, Fr Gerasim Eliel, into the Diocese of the South
      where he can begin working as a priest in our diocese and get some of
      the experience the members of the Holy Synod think important. We plan to put him into a position where he will be visible to members of our
      diocese and also which will allow him to begin working collegially with
      the priests of the Diocese of the South. 

      Unfortunately, without vetted
      and approved candidates, we will not be having a special nominating
      assembly as part of this summer's assembly at St Justin Martyr Orthodox
      Church in Jacksonville, FL. I know we were all looking forward to a
      nomination and possible election this
      summer. I would encourage us, however, to see this decision by the Holy
      Synod as the result of prayer and discernment as how best to proceed
      with the election of a hierarch for the Diocese of the South.  In the
      meantime we can look forward to the move of Fr. Gerasim to the Diocese of the South and the
      gathering of experience by other potential candidates as small, but
      significant, steps toward a nomination at a later date.

      Wishing you every blessing as we reach the midpoint of the fast, I remain faithfully yours

      in Christ Jesus

      Archpriest Marcus
      VRev Fr Marcus C Burch
      Chancellor, DOS
      864 299 1140

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